• Industry Experts: Amp Up Your Super Bowl Sunday Social With These Tips

    … your audience, and potential new readers, are super tuned in. In my role as vp of content at Playbuzz, I work with major sports teams and brands, including Sports Illustrated, NFL teams, The Chive, MLB, Fox Sports and more, all of which give me an inside look into what content garners the most engagement and attention from sports fans. Questions I…

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  • Why Hard News Is Thriving on Facebook

    … If you want people to share your content on Facebook right now, make listicles about politics, gun control, and the environment. Might I suggest “10 Gazillion Guns That the President Must Control to Save the Environment”? That’s one key takeaway from a recent NewsWhip report on Facebook engagement. While most people expect animal videos to rule…

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  • NewsWhip’s Top 10 Facebook Posts of 2015

    … The most popular Facebook post of 2015 in terms of likes, shares and comments was about a December 2012 cover of a song written in 1971. Social media news aggregator NewsWhip shared its top 10 Facebook posts for 2015, as well as the 10 that drew the most comments, and the No. 1 post of the year was from LittleThings, about a cover of Led…

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