• The Place of Newspapers in the Local Marketing Ecosystem

      In this regular Street Fight feature, local marketing gurus David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal kick around some of the biggest ideas affecting the local search ecosystem and the broader industry. Send us an email or leave a comment if you have specific topics that you’d like them to touch on in future columns! David: Hey Mike, hard to believe we are already winding down July.

      Street Fightin EMail- 26 readers -
  • CloudSponge: Soaking Up Your Contacts to Connect You Anywhere

    … of approval. But do some do it better? Maybe. One startup is touting tremendous success for at least one company using their service: the (under radar) giant, Nextdoor, has seen a significant uptick in growth since deploying CloudSponge’s technology. How? We talked with Jay Gibb, CEO of CloudSponge (founded in 2009 by his agency Arizona Bay and now…

    Street Fightin Social- 19 readers -
  • Street Culture: Tech Startups Amping Up Opportunities for Women

    … and incentive to care. Others focus on mentoring, or actual person-to-person connections, fun events, and down time. One popular company offshoot speaks to the value in employee diversity: internal programs that educate and inspire personal wellness. At the app Nextdoor, a female engineer created an employees’ group called “WAND,” which stands for Women…

    Street Fight- 24 readers -
  • Scaling the Neighborhood: A Community Focus for Local Services

    … with our local neighborhoods and communities. Local search services like Google Maps and Apple Maps have built models that also have little to no relationship with the communities whose locations they depict. Though Google crowdsources data improvements through suggested edits and Mapmaker, the input it gathers from community members is fed like any…

    Damian Rollison/ Street Fightin Social Google Facebook- 17 readers -
  • Street Culture: Collective Employee Mindset = Shuffleboard at Nextdoor

    … “Looks like a shuffleboard is in our future.” Neighborhood community connection app Nextdoor is still a private company, said Margie Mader-Clark, VP of human resources. As such, sometimes they can’t offer lots of elaborate perks, like extensive game rooms, at their San Francisco headquarters. But it’s not about the perks, it’s about the people…

    Street Fight- 16 readers -
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