• CloudSponge: Soaking Up Your Contacts to Connect You Anywhere

    … of approval. But do some do it better? Maybe. One startup is touting tremendous success for at least one company using their service: the (under radar) giant, Nextdoor, has seen a significant uptick in growth since deploying CloudSponge’s technology. How? We talked with Jay Gibb, CEO of CloudSponge (founded in 2009 by his agency Arizona Bay and now…

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  • Street Culture: Tech Startups Amping Up Opportunities for Women

    … and incentive to care. Others focus on mentoring, or actual person-to-person connections, fun events, and down time. One popular company offshoot speaks to the value in employee diversity: internal programs that educate and inspire personal wellness. At the app Nextdoor, a female engineer created an employees’ group called “WAND,” which stands for Women…

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  • Scaling the Neighborhood: A Community Focus for Local Services

    … is suggested by Nextdoor, the private social network for neighborhoods that has proven successful in some communites (though troublesome in others). Its fans say the service helps you make personal connections with neighbors you’ve lived next to for years but never learned their names, and certainly that level of community building is welcome…

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  • Street Culture: Collective Employee Mindset = Shuffleboard at Nextdoor

    … in the app for finding good neighbors, we’re using to look for good neighbors in our employee base,” Mader-Clark said. “The prize is cash, and they get to choose how to spend it on the company.” Mader-Clark said that the past four “good neighbor” employee winners — nominated by their coworkers — chose to combine their winnings and now have about $1,000…

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