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    • Why Your Marketing Firm Should Specialize in an Industry

      My journey started off a bit different than most. Six and a half years ago I decided to get sober. In my newfound sobriety, I started writing a blog. I didn’t tell anyone about it—I just started writing. It was an outlet of sorts, a way to express myself without anyone listening. That blog changed my life.

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  • How to Select a Niche for Your Blog

    …, tailor your online networking engagement, and center your internet search endeavors for long-term results. These tips will help you decide which niche you want to choose. Don’t wait until you figure it out somehow; start working on it instead. The answer to your question is just around the corner. Happy blogging! …

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  • 5 Secrets to Niche Blogging Like a Pro

    … is applied properly. 5. Embrace Failure You’ll likely fail a few times before you craft a successful blogging platform in a niche you can relate with. Whether you choose the wrong topics, post low-quality content no one reads, or shroud your content with too many advertisements, your readership could quickly curtail and die out. Don’t hide from…

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  • 4 Niche Ideas That Will Help You Make the World a Better Place

    … New Year. New start. That’s how it usually goes, doesn’t it? And, perhaps you are thinking along the same lines when it comes to your blogging endeavors. You may not be planning on dropping your current blog, but the idea of entering a new niche is not uncommon at the start of a new year. While one of the major factors when choosing a new niche…

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  • Niche Secrets You Wish You Knew A Year Ago

    … Choice See, when you pick your niche, you need to narrow it down and make it specific – in order to attract your target audience. For me, my general topic was to start a blog about blogging. But, in order to compete with the thousand other blogs out there that are about blogging, I had to make mine more focused. That’s when I decided to provide…

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  • A Proven Blogging Strategy that Works in Any Niche

    … Today I want to give you a few ideas on how to develop a blogging strategy that will grow you blog regardless of the niche you’re in. I bet you’ve got a few subscribers on your blog. You might even have a pretty decent trickle of traffic coming in from Google. Those things are awesome. But why can’t you crack through to the next level? Why…

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  • 5 Tips on Picking a Niche That Will Make You Successful

    … or so. I just couldn’t understand why I get so bored with my niche after a few weeks of blogging on the subject. But finally, after leaving a long trail of abandoned blogs on the world wide web, I’ve finally learned how to pick niches that really work – and that’s what I’ve got for you today. I’m sharing with you my 5 tips on picking a niche…

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  • Blogger Survival Kit: How to Deal with a Boring Niche

    … Editor’s note: This post was written by Mike Hanski. He worked with many boring niches but got lucky to join Bid4papers as a blogger and content strategist, and now he writes about topics he really likes. Learn more about Mike on his blog, G+ and Twitter. There is the only fact you should remember about your niche: it is not about boring topics…

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