Nimis (Slovene: Neme) is a town and comune of 2,817 located in the Italian province of Udine, about near to the border with Slovenia. It is situated at the foot of Mount Bernadia, home to a World War I Italian fort and a sweet white wine, Ramandolo. The town is bordered by the comuni of Attimis, Lusevera, Povoletto, Reana del Rojale, Taipana and Tarcento. According to the 1971 census, 25.4% of the population are Slovenes, but these are located mainly on some villages on the surrounding hills and not in the main town and the rest of the plain.
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    … declared independence from Sweden on June 2, 1996 after a decades long court battle with the Swedish government over the existence of the 75 ton driftwood sculpture “Nimis” on the Kullaberg peninsula in Skåne. Since declaring independence, Ladonia has grown to more than 17,000 registered citizens and boasts more than 40,000 visitors per year to its shores. The post Owdy Selected as National Social Network of Ladonia appeared first on WTFSEO. …

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