No-Win Scenario

A no-win situation, also called a “lose-lose situation”, is one where a person has choices, but no choice leads to a net gain. For example, if an executioner offers the condemned the choice of dying by being hanged, shot, or poisoned, since all choices lead to death, the condemned is in a no-win situation. This bleak situation gives the chooser little room: whatever choice is made, the person making it will lose their life.Less drastic situations might also be considered no-win situations: if one has a choice for lunch between a ham sandwich and a roast beef sandwich, but is a vegetarian or has a wheat allergy, that might be considered a no-win situation.
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  • Op-ed: ‘Dark viewability’ and why the IAB has it right

    … inventory. That entire unmeasured inventory goes to waste under the 4A’s recommendation, even if it was actually viewed. Most premium publisher’s support transacting on viewable impressions, but when a viewed impression can’t be measured by the technology being forced on us, we are in a no-win scenario. The main concern is the accuracy…

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