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Noah Davis (September 10, 1818 Haverhill, Grafton County, New Hampshire - March 20, 1902 New York City) was an American lawyer and politician from New York
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  • Thinknear Chief: ‘No Doubt’ That Consolidation Coming in Mobile Ads

    … taking advantage of the stock as currency to do some acquisitions. I think you’ll see some movement in the coming year. There’s been some movement in the past year. But I would say that if you’re looking for the bigger, marquee deals, they might be coming not next year but maybe a year or two down the road. Noah Davis is a senior editor at Street Fight. …

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  • Is Location More Than a Feature in Mobile Advertising?

    … in the process and it’s something that goes throughout.” Heather Sears, YP ‘s VP of marketing, said she sees companies that are desperate to use location data in their targeting. “When we sell audience, it’s our targeting capability is based on location, location history, location patterns,” she said. “That’s what allows us to understand where people…

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  • Five Hyperlocal Startups to Watch

    … business-specific customized alerts last month to the hundreds of businesses it works with in New York. 42 percent of owners check the app once a week and 15 percent do so daily. Across the country there are 700,000 businesses that are in 15 metros that have open data. Uplette, Sarah Parker, CEO Uplette fills the space between ad exchanges and DSP…

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  • Is Your MVP a Minimum Viable Channel?

    … as an MVP in 2013 and it was the top mobile business app at SxSWi 2013. Two new venture funds recently signed on. “The clouds broke and the angels sang,” said Evans. Noah Davis is a senior editor at Street Fight. …

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  • Angie’s List Reports Wider-Than-Expected Loss, Stock Tanks

    … the possibility of continued slow growth is anyone’s guess. Finally, the CEO refused to say anything about a story that floated the possibility of the company investigating a possible sale. “We’re not commenting on rumors,” he said. “Particularly rumors that were as sort of speculative that was put out there by the Financial Times.” Noah Davis is a senior editor at Street Fight. …

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