Non-Breaking Space

In word processing and digital typesetting, a non-breaking space, also known as a no-break space or non-breakable space (NBSP), is a variant of the space character that prevents an automatic line break (line wrap) at its position. In certain formats (such as HTML), it also prevents the “collapsing” of multiple consecutive whitespace characters into a single space. The non-breaking space is also known as a hard space or fixed space. In Unicode, it is encoded as U+00A0 no-break space (HTML:    ).
Posts about Non-Breaking Space
  • How To Write a Better PPC Blog

    … – : Though this is technically not a tag, this is a non-breaking space and is used to break up text. This is being used before and after these bullet points. Another important section of WordPress is SEO. Many SEO plugins are available for download through WordPress and help to ensure your posts get a correct page title and meta description. Once…

    John Rampton/ John Chow dot Comin Paid Search SEO Blogging How To's- 2 readers -
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