• Who Should Be Responsible For Stopping Programmatic Ad Fraud?

    …) as their agent to sell their inventory. Advertisers (the demand side) use DSPs as their agent to buy that inventory. So, as we move down the supply chain from publishers, we have to start by looking at SSPs. This is a key point: Fraudulent publishers cannot take part in the programmatic ecosystem without an SSP enabling them with the technology…

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  • Why Programmatic Advertising Fraud Exists

    … In my last column, we covered what fraud is, the magnitude of the problem, and the many ways in which it takes shape. We are now going to discuss one of the biggest questions that arise around the topic of ad fraud: Why does it exist in the first place? As with most big problems, a combination of factors contributes to an environment…

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  • The Many Faces Of Programmatic Ad Fraud

    … of the price. For example, a publisher may sell their inventory for $5 CPM on average but may be purchasing questionable traffic to their site for a fraction of that cost. • Domain Spoofing: In the RTB (real-time bidding) ecosystem, publishers are sometimes allowed to declare their own domain and the label of their Site ID. Fraudulent publishers use…

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