• Judge says IANA transition suit unlikely to succeed

      A Texas judge refused demands for a temporary restraining order preventing the IANA transition going ahead last weekend because the suing state attorneys general were unlikely to succeed at trial. That was one of several reasons Judge George Hanks refused the TRO, which had been requested by the Republican AGs of Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and Nevada.

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    • Roots hits 1,500 live TLDs as US oversight ends

      The DNS root saw its 1,500th concurrent live TLD come into existence on Friday, just hours before the US relinquished its oversight powers. Amazon received its delegation for .通販 (.xn--gk3at1e, Japanese for “online shopping”) and satellite TV company Hughes got .dvr, meaning “digital video recorder”.

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  • States drop IANA transition block lawsuit

    … Four states attorneys general have quietly thrown in the towel in their attempt to have the IANA transition blocked or reversed. The AGs of Texas, Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma unilaterally dropped their Texas lawsuit against the US government on Friday, court records show. A filing (pdf) signed by all four reads simply: Plaintiffs hereby…

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  • Destroy ICANN! Destroy ICANN with missiles!

    … a little browser game that appeared online this week. It’s a knock-off of the 1980 Atari classic Missile Command. The intro reads: You will be defending actual Internet domains from UN attack! Launch surface-to-air missiles in time to destroy UN Domain Seeking Missiles. If a UN missile reaches a domain, that domain is lost forever. Or, call you…

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  • US confirms no .com price hikes before 2024

    … The US government has confirmed that it expects to keep Verisign’s .com registry fee capped at the current level until at least 2024. The intention was disclosed in a letter to Senator Ted Cruz, who has been waging war against the US government plan to remove itself from DNS root zone oversight, along with senators Sean Duffy and Mike Lee last…

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  • Industry lays into Verisign over .com deal renewal

    … Some of Verisign’s chickens have evidently come home to roost. A number of companies that the registry giant has pissed off over the last couple of years have slammed the proposed renewal of its .com contract with ICANN. Rivals including XYZ.com (sued over its .xyz advertising) and Donuts (out-maneuvered on .web) are among those to have filed…

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  • Anger as ICANN’s member flops before board

    … no new proposal,” Chehade said, eventually. “We are embracing your proposal and the objectives of the community. Please hear me on this. There is no new proposal.” He said: Take your work and break it down: board removal, standing reconsideration, enhancing – getting the IRP back on the track we set, you know, fundamental bylaw, binding arbitration…

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  • US gives ICANN an extra year to complete transition

    …. NTIA assistant secretary Larry Strickling wrote that “it has become increasingly apparent over the last few months that the community needs time to complete its work, have the plan reviewed by the U.S. Government and then implement it if it is approved.” Simultaneously, NTIA has finally published a proposal — written by ICANN and Verisign…

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