• ICANN retires Affirmation of Commitments with US gov

      ICANN has terminated its last formal oversight link with the US government. Late last week, ICANN chair Steve Crocker and Larry Strickling, assistant secretary at the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration mutually agreed to retire the seven-year-old Affirmation of Commitments.

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    • Trump nominee open to retaking ICANN oversight role

      The incoming head of the US Department of Commerce has indicated that it is unlikely he’ll try to reestablish the US government’s unique oversight of ICANN, at least in the short term. But at his confirmation hearing in Congress yesterday, Trump nominee for secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross said he’d be open to ideas about how the US could increase its power over ICANN.

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  • States drop IANA transition block lawsuit

    … was comprehensively rejected, after ICANN and organizations representing numerous big-name technology companies let their opposition be known in court. The plaintiffs had said they were considering their options, but now appear to have abandoned the case. It was widely believed that the suit was politically motivated, an attempt by four Republican officials to stir up anti-Obama sentiment in the run-up to the US presidential election. Tweet Tagged: iana, ICANN, ntia, transition …

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  • Roots hits 1,500 live TLDs as US oversight ends

    … overturned. Hughes’ .dvr was originally intended as a single-registrant “closed generic”, but is now expected to operate as a restricted but multi-registrant space. Tweet Tagged: delegation, iana, new gTLDs, ntia, root, transition, verisign …

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  • Judge says IANA transition suit unlikely to succeed

    … they seek. The AGs are reportedly considering their options following the ruling, and may appeal. But another school of thought holds that the suit was largely a political gesture designed to creating talking points for the Republican party ahead of next month’s presidential election, and could be allowed to fade away. Tweet Tagged: ags, iana, ICANN, lawsuit, ntia, transition …

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  • Destroy ICANN! Destroy ICANN with missiles!

    … itself from its oversight role in ICANN’s IANA functions. After that, ICANN will be overseen by a new multistakeholder process in which everybody, not the UN, has a voice. InfoWars.com and DrudgeReport.com are safe, sadly. You can check out the game here if you wish. I scanned it for viruses and mind-control rays and it seems safe. Tweet Tagged: iana, ICANN, ntia, transition, wtf …

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  • US confirms no .com price hikes before 2024

    … The US government has confirmed that it expects to keep Verisign’s .com registry fee capped at the current level until at least 2024. The intention was disclosed in a letter to Senator Ted Cruz, who has been waging war against the US government plan to remove itself from DNS root zone oversight, along with senators Sean Duffy and Mike Lee last…

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  • Anger as ICANN’s member flops before board

    … ICANN’s board of directors came to blows with its key accountability working group this week, over proposals that would give the ICANN the community the right to sue ICANN the organization. An extraordinary three-hour teleconference between the board and the Cross Community Working Group of Enhancing Accountability (CCWG) Tuesday night came…

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  • US gives ICANN an extra year to complete transition

    … — for how management of the DNS root will move away from hands-on US involvement. The extension of the IANA contract from its September 30, 2015 end date was not unexpected. The current contract allows for such extensions. As we recently reported, outgoing ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade had guessed a mid-2016 finalization of the transition. Regardless, expect…

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