• One in seven new gTLD domain names are actually just numbers

    … access to on July 19*, DI counted 20,933,637 unique domain names of which 3,259,684 were purely numeric. In other words, 15.57% of new gTLD domain names only contain numbers before the dot. Fourteen gTLDs have a third or more of their zones fully numeric. One is two-thirds numeric. The reason for this, of course, is China. Numeric domains…

    Kevin Murphy/ DomainIncite- 16 readers -
  • Numerics: An Integrated Widget Dashboard for iOS

    … Numberics allows iPhone and iPad users to create and customize their own integrated dashboards from a growing collection of third parties. Pick from hundreds of pre-designed widgets to build an overview of website analytics, social media engagement, project progress, sales funnels, customer support queues, account balances or even numbers from…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin YouTube- 16 readers -
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