• #SFSNYC: What Makes for a Successful Acquisition Amid Local Consolidation?

      In the six years since Street Fight was founded to cover hyperlocal media and tech, companies in the local sector have popped up at a breakneck pace and are now being snatched up just as fast by their competitors. In the past couple weeks alone, two major acquisitions in local stole headlines, as Snap scooped up Placed and OwnLocal acquired its older competitor, Wanderful Media.

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    • #SFSNYC: The Restaurants of Tomorrow

      Everyone has at least heard of apps for booking reservations or ordering food from restaurants, but there is a deeper transformation underway within the industry. At Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn this week, Perry Quinn, SVP of business innovation development at the National Restaurant Association moderated a panel on how the restaurants of tomorrow are taking shape.

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  • #SFSNYC: Taking Location ‘Beyond Pins on a Map’

    … #SFSNYC: Taking Location ‘Beyond Pins on a Map’ June 14, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: #SFSNYC Mapbox SVP Marc Prioleau spoke at Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn in Tuesday, giving a bit of history of map technology and some clues to where it might go. During the early days of digital maps, Prioleau said, it was largely…

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  • #SFSNYC: How Brands Without Brick-and-Mortar Stores Can Market Locally

    … #SFSNYC: How Brands Without Brick-and-Mortar Stores Can Market Locally June 15, 2017 by Joseph Zappa Leave a Comment Filed Under: #SFSNYC As developments in location technology and data grab attention and funding, recent hyperlocal technology coverage has centered on the way brick-and-mortar stores can harness digital innovation to remain…

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  • #SFSNYC: SMB DIY — Is Local Getting Closer to Solving the Self-Serve Conundrum?

    … Even though an entire industry has popped up around the use of evolving marketing technology to secure leads for consumer-facing brick-and-mortar businesses, Street Fight research shows “fewer than a quarter of local small businesses [use] mobile marketing regularly.” While industry regulars say digital marketing is a must-have for SMBs, many…

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  • #SFSNYC: Inside Amazon’s Voice-Search Strategy

    … Voice search is one of the hottest topics in hyperlocal media. While tech giants including Google, Samsung, and Microsoft are looking for a piece of the voice-search pie, Amazon has emerged as the market frontrunner, racking up big sales with its Echo speakers powered by its personal assistant technology, Alexa. Pundits say voice search…

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  • #SFSNYC: How Brands Decipher What Local Marketing Tactics Are Working

    … #SFSNYC: How Brands Decipher What Local Marketing Tactics Are Working June 13, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: #SFSNYC It might seem easier if one solution could fit every brands’ needs in hyperlocal marketing, but that could mean overlooking the context of each brand’s relationship with its clientele. On a panel…

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  • #SFSNYC: YP Focuses on Audience to Keep Growing and Deliver Value to Clients

    … #SFSNYC: YP Focuses on Audience to Keep Growing and Deliver Value to Clients June 13, 2017 by Joseph Zappa Leave a Comment Filed Under: #SFSNYC Go to YP’s homepage, and you’ll see hyperlocal digital advertising at its most elemental. Sixty million users turn to YP each month to punch their location and required service into a search bar…

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  • #SFSNYC: How Bots and AI Are Transforming Local

    … The march of artificial intelligence and bots continues across the digital marketing landscape, creating new ways to reach customers at local—however, these are still the early days. That was some of the sentiment shared at this morning’s panel on bots and AI at the Street Fight Summit in Brooklyn. Perry Evans, CEO of Closely, a provider…

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  • #SFSNYC: How Slice Helps Local Pizzerias Get in on Ordering via Mobile

    … Lots of apps can connect consumers to restaurants to order meals, but New York-based Slice has focused on a particular food niche that founder and CEO Ilir Sela says is built on customer loyalty — pizza. Last October, Slice launched its iOS app for ordering pizza from local shops, rather than big chains that typically are already a step ahead…

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  • #SFSNYC: Drawing the Connection Between Online Presence and In-Store Sales

    … Taking charge of online data about a business has become a key way to steer consumers into stores. More and more, businesses need to stay on top of their digital presences, which extend well beyond their company websites. The variety of outlets where people can discuss their impressions of a brand continues to expand. Furthermore, what prior…

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  • #SFSNYC: How SOCi Ties Local Reputation and Social Media at Scale

    … Streams of commentary flooding social sites can carry loud, powerful messages, but at the same time it might seem like an overflow of information for local marketers. A high volume of reviews and feedback give voice to customer sentiment, especially at a national or global level. The trouble is sorting out how those comments relate to individual…

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  • #SFSNYC: At JPMorgan Chase, the Value of Location Is as a Signal of Intent

    … It is inevitable that consumers will make a stop at a bank or ATM — everyone needs to deal with their money at some point. Even at a time when mobile banking is available, real-world branches can be readily found in most cities. But what brings a person nearby to a specific bank, or to other locations, can be an indicator of their intent, says…

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