• How to attain a goal–a 4-step process

    …. Here’s a 4-step process. I called it DEBS. Desire: You need a strong desire and you need to know what your desire is. What do you want? Why? Endpoint: You need to know the endpoint, where you’ll end up. This defines what your life or business will look like when you’ve met your goal. It’s more specific than the desire. Blocks: If you haven’t…

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  • Who are you? What do you need to be successful?

    … how to do it? I’d like to know! Products: Why are so few of you interested in creating products? Creating products is crucial for online marketing! Maybe you’re a coach and don’t sell products? Maybe you’re an affiliate marketers and only sell products of others? I don’t really understand this one either. What are your obstacles? I asked about…

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  • It’s Time to Quit… IMP#30

    … There’s conflicting advice out there for an entrepreneur like you: on the one hand, we’re told to never give up, to pick ourselves up and keep going after each failure and scramble over any obstacle in our way. On the other hand, we’re told to be smart and know when to quit, because you don’t want to be endlessly fighting a losing battle, right…

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