• Influencer Marketing: Your Always-On Content Lab

    … establishes an emotional connection between influencer and audience and is a powerful tool for inspiring action A study by Offerpop reports that 50 percent of consumers find UGC more memorable than brand produced content, resulting in five times greater click-through rates and a 10 percent increase in conversions when included in the purchase path…

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  • Why Consumers Share User-Generated Content (Infographic)

    … percent of users surveyed find visual UGC more influential than brand photos or videos, while only 65 percent of businesses believe the same. When it comes to user motivations, businesses don’t seem to realize why users are sharing and creating this content. For example, users are twice as likely to share something because they want a friend to see…

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  • User-Generated Content Landmines to Watch Out For (Infographic)

    … their digital communities, many are still concerned with the quality and appropriateness of the content. Vivoom did an analysis of more than 4,000 user-generated videos for its media partners and discovered that about 6 percent contained hate speech, nudity, profanity or were just off message somehow. To put this number into perspective, Gatorade ran…

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