Offline Events

  • How to Bring Your Relationship Building Strategy Offline

    … and save relevant events. Integrating Online & Offline Don’t forget that offline and online relationship building isn’t an “either/or” situation. They work together and complement each other. When you need a gesture to help you stand out in the memory of a prospect or partner, send them something in the mail. Looking to expand your local clientele? Start showing up at events in your city. And always connect it all back to your digital content strategy. …

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  • Amplification Strategy Makes B2B Content Sexy

    … many B2Bs fail to consider is that offline events offer viable opportunities to create eye-catching content, so long as an effective plan is in place and supported by other channels. Creating content in support of your presence at an industry event is common practice. But with everyone writing reviews, tweeting with event hashtags and sharing…

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