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  • Best Marketing Campaigns: What Offline Tells the Online Marketer

    … The best marketing campaigns are synchronized online and offline marketing campaigns that take hints from each other. These integrated marketing efforts cover all bases without missing a step, filling in the holes that each strategy might have alone. However, some marketers put too much faith in the online portion of a campaign. There are some…

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  • Super Bowl Advertising: The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

    … The commercials that air throughout the Super Bowl are a time-honored tradition in the football-watching world (America). However, what was once the Monday morning water-cooler topic of conversation, has evolved into something much greater. As the marketing industry continues to change, these game-day advertising campaigns now begin long before…

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  • Standing Out From The Rest: How to Attract More People to Your Small Business

    The “small fish in a big pond” analogy is pretty apt for what a small business tends to seem like in the grand scheme of things. With all the other small fish swimming around, it’s hard to get noticed when all the other fish are trying to do the same. Start-ups already have enough on their plate striving to get operational while doing it as cheaply as possible.

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  • “Digital Marketing” is More Than Blogging

    …, online marketing is the process of promoting a product, service, or brand over the Internet. It involves a number of different media, including content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and any other form of direct or indirect customer engagement that’s powered by the web. When you…

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  • A Lesson in Digital Out Of Home

    … and hopefully I can convince you to get excited about it as well. For the uninitiated, OOH/DOOH covers anything from those big posters you see on the tube on the opposite side of the platform, to little digital screens in back of black cabs, to those great big billboards, Blade Runner style (if we’re sticking with the 80s movie theme). Anyway, despite…

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  • 3 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic from the Offline World

    … or tricks throughout your own blogging journey, share them with us below! Author: Katherine Halek is a Content Strategist at, a leading online printer that works with thousands of small businesses around the country. Katherine enjoys writing about entrepreneurship, marketing, and career advice. Connect with her on Google+. The post 3 Ways to Get More Blog Traffic from the Offline World appeared first on Jeffbullas's Blog. …

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  • Increase Online Sales from Your Blog Through Smart Offline Marketing

    …. You also need to cover the ground left for offline marketing to achieve even greater sales! Offline marketing is normally viewed as expensive since it is associated with TV ads, radio adverts, and other traditional marketing campaigns. However, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars if you know how to effectively reach out to your target…

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  • Small Business Buyers Demand Reviews

    … If you are a B2B marketer trying to win small business buyers, how do you cut through the clutter of other marketing mediums and messages? It turns out, small business buyers demand reviews – third party voices that reduces their risk. A September 2014 study by The Alternative Board reports nearly half of small businesses worldwide said…

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  • Video Connects with B2B Executives

    … How does your company get to the person in the corner cubicle? That seems to be the magic question for a lot of B2B marketing people, as the order comes from on high to deliver the message and gain leads a bit higher up the management food chain. Well, new research shows that video connects with B2B Executives. A recently released a survey…

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  • Growing. Better Marketing through 8 Great Customer Service Ideas.

    … Every customer call is a cry for help. They’ve reached out seeking guidance, and most Service groups look to solve the problem. But then what? Do they close the case and move on to the next call on hold? Or do they see a chance to keep the company growing. Better marketing then becomes the result. Today we complete a series on how you can…

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  • Speaking. Better Marketing through 8 Great Customer Service Ideas.

    … All day long, customer service talks to people outside your organization. Solving problems, helping with installations, and performing training for new but engaged customers. But real value can come when they spend at least some time talking to people inside your organization as well. We are in the midst of a series on how you can improve your…

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