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Old Spice is a prominent American brand of male grooming products. It is manufactured for Procter & Gamble, which acquired the brand in 1990 from Shulton, Inc. Shulton, Inc., the original producer of Old Spice, was founded in 1934 by William Lightfoot Schultz. The first Old Spice product was intended for women, introduced in 1937. Old Spice for men followed in 1938.The men's products were dominated by shaving soap and aftershave lotion, marketed with a nautical theme. Sailing ships in particular were used as a trademark. The original ships used on the packaging were the Grand Turk and the Friendship.
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  • 10 Ways for Brands to Get YouTube-Famous

    … effectively communicate with your customer.” Old Spice is a perfect example of a brand that knows how to effectively communicate with its consumers. When your target market is teenage boys and you’re trying to convince them to use your product to eliminate body odor, humor definitely makes sense. Just last year the Old Spice man visited my college…

    Jillian Richardson/ The Content Strategistin Social- 16 readers -
  • The Un-Checkbox Approach to Content Marketing

    … this commercial came out, but the rest of us played it over and over for our co-workers, friends, and family. Daring to be different is daring to be remembered. Don't be annoying Speaking of memorable. While this Old Spice commercial is physically painful to listen to: I can't stop myself. This one will stick with you and everyone else who watches…

    Moz Blogin Content- 13 readers -
  • What’s next for digital marketing?

    … RSS feed – for Android listeners. Find the podcast on Stitcher Resources mentioned in this show Content Shock post Old Spice integrated campaign Tableau software Please support our extraordinary sponsors. Our content is free because of their generosity. gShift’s Web Presence Analytics platform provides agencies and brands with search…

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  • The History of Video Marketing on YouTube

    … and the marketers. Perhaps the turning point for video marketing was the “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign from Old Spice. It demonstrated the value created when an engaged audience interacts with your content online. It spawned a multitude of other videos on the Web that parodied or spoofed their original video, spreading their message along…

    Andy Smith/ ReelSEOin Social YouTube- 27 readers -
  • Don’t Make These 9 Common SEO Mistakes

    … AND click. Example of what NOT to do: The Flattering Man by Old Spice is a likable and shareable campaign that promotes a faux product – the push-up muscle shirt (clothing that squeezes fat into muscles) — then interrupts the “ad” with a red-flashing screen before the hot Old Spice model appears and tries to dissuade viewers from buying the shirt…

    Ann Gynn/ Content Marketing Institutein Social SEO Google YouTube- 15 readers -
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