• AgilOne: What is a Customer Data Platform?

    … that will maintain data integrity. That’s just a few channels that are causing an issue. Imagine a multi-location chain with customer loyalty, retail transactions, social interactions, customer service requests, billing data, and mobile interactions. Add to that the reconciliation of marketing responses via omni-channel data sources… yikes…

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  • 20 Predictions for the Next 5 Years that Every Email Marketer Should Hear

    … 20 Predictions for the Next 5 Years that Every Email Marketer Should Hear Paul Cheney March 28th, 2016 Email marketing has evolved significantly during the first half of this decade — from the impact of mobile and engagement-based email filtering to the emergence of wearables and omni-channel integration. All that change made us wonder: ‘How…

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  • What Technologies are C-Level Marketers Investing In?

    … are to further advance brand relevancy and customer-centricity that will require dramatic improvement for Marketing Technology infrastructure and omni-channel capabilities. Access to advanced analytics to make smarter decisions” is the single greatest barrier to achieve success across the board. Inter-/Intra-department relationship building…

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  • Decoding Digital Marketing Jargon

    … Every industry has its share of jargon. As new marketing technology and strategies emerge, new buzzwords arise. The challenge is making sense of it all and determine which approach is the best fit for your business. According to Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and co-founder of Leanplum, an integrated marketing optimization solution for mobile apps…

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  • 3 Things Email Marketers Can Learn from Social Media Week

    …: Embrace platforms as they are Several presentations addressed a question that comes to many marketers minds—whether it’s better to distribute the same piece of content on multiple channels or take the time to optimize content for each channel. While every brand is different, the general consensus at the event was that content optimized for the channel…

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  • State of Content Marketing 2016: The Tipping Point

    …. Theme 1: Omni-Channel Publishing “In between sales and the customer is the critical role marketing can play. It’s an integration role.” —Wendy Harrington, CMO of Tyto Life Content marketing’s roots come from two places: custom publishing (airline magazines and the like) and advertorial. The idea was that media companies were good at making…

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  • Personalizing the Omni-Channel Ecommerce Experience

    … Published 3 mins ago 18 It probably won’t come as huge surprise that many organizations—whether B2C or B2B—still don’t engage in even the most basic levels of personalization in their engagement marketing activities. It’s important to realize that the industry is moving (some faster than others) from a multi-channel to an omni-channel…

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  • CommerceHub: Expand, Promote, Fulfill and Deliver

    … At IRCE, I was invited by Kristine Szarkowitz to sit with Frank Poore and Eric Best to discuss CommerceHub and its array of offerings. CommerceHub had a pretty snazzy booth with a second floor. Here’s a view of the exhibition floor from the booth: CommerceHub optimizes 50 million unique product SKUs for data compliance, channel syndication…

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  • 10 things you need to know NOW about OmniChannel Marketing

    … topic because earlier this year Wal-Mart asked its suppliers to develop OmniChannel strategies. In other words, thousands of companies are in a frenzy to figure this out. You never, ever ignore Wal-Mart. This is a rule. Add to that a study by Retail Systems Research indicating that 47% of retailers surveyed indicate that multi-channel customers…

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