• A Snapshot of Omnichannel Consumer Buying Behavior in 2017

      Omnichannel strategies are becoming more common to implement as marketing cloud providers offer tighter integration and measurement of strategies across the consumer’s journey. Tracking links and cookies enable a seamless experience where, regardless of the channel, the platform can recognize where the consumer is and push a marketing message that’s relevant, applicable to the ...

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  • 7 Lessons For Retail In The Age of E-Commerce

    … online. Changing the look and feel of your store periodically gives a good push in footfalls and ultimately sales. Work on the store’s design and layout, and the products you sell. Your physical store can benefit from a strategy similar to content calendars for digital marketing. Story is a store based in New York. The store renovates itself…

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  • Are We on the Brink of a Retail Revolution?

    … Revolutions often happen over short periods of time and leave death and carnage in their wake. What we are experiencing today in retail is more of an evolution — a sort of “survival of the fittest” as both local and big brand retailers either embrace shifting consumer shopping patterns or face extinction. According to the National Retail…

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  • Omnichannel Personalization: Striving to Increase Average Basket Size

    … feel special and understood, and involves customizing your marketing to reflect consumers’ behaviors and preferences. To compete effectively, consumer goods and retail companies are using omnichannel personalization to engage consumers, and offer them the convenience to browse and buy products however and wherever they choose. With the advent…

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  • How Brands Can Get More Out of Their Brick-and-Mortar Marketing

    … in physical retail locations today. Ironically, brands invest $70 billion in local markets each year, but a significant portion often goes to waste because brands fail to work collaboratively with their local partners. It’s time for brands to wake up to this opportunity and realize the role brick-and-mortar retail plays in an omnichannel marketing…

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  • 2017 Predictions for Mobile Marketing and Loyalty Trends

    … could use machine learning capabilities to understand customer product preferences based on historical purchases. From there, when a customer enters the store the next time, it can allow the brand to send a push notification at that specific moment with a relevant offer–allowing for a hyper-personalized customer journey. Omnichannel experiences…

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  • Omnichannel Marketing’s Missing Link: Online-to-Offline Integration (Report)

    … Personalization has become a core motivation for marketers, mostly in pursuit of a true omnichannel experience. As retailers and marketers strive to meet customer demand for a seamless experience throughout their purchase journey, customers are embracing cross channel shopping more than ever before. A report from the CMO Council and Netsertive…

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  • Holiday Shopping Data Roundup: $39 Billion to Be Spent Locally This Year

    … The holiday season isn’t just a big time of year for retail; it’s also a big time of year for retail data. The stats come in fast and furious, like a hoard of consumers racing into the mall to take advantage of a Black Friday limited-time, limited-supply offer. One common trend they indicate: Purchasing is going to be more omnichannel than ever…

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  • RetailMeNot’s Hoyt: This Will Be the Most Personalized Holiday Season We’ve Ever Had

    … to watch for this holiday season. What are three new things we’ll see this holiday shopping season in terms of consumer retail behavior? This is going to be a really interesting holiday shopping season in that mobile is going to play a big role in creating a more omnichannel experience than ever. It used to be that Black Friday was the day you went…

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  • Case Study: Omni-Channel User Acquisition Strategy Generates 60,000 Emails

    BACKGROUND As businesses evaluate paid advertising strategies for email acquisition, they often face the challenge of maintaining a reasonable cost per acquisition without jettisoning standards of quality. To inform readers of new releases and to drive book sales, a leading book publisher was seeking high-quality subscribers for a best-selling author’s email database.

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  • Your B2B Strategy Should Include Ecommerce

    … and we’re continuing to add products and services – from audits to infographics. As eCommerce and omnichannel purchasing experiences rise to dominance in B2C, they will become akin to consumer shopping. Since B2B buyers and procurement personnel are consumers in their personal lives, the expectation for informative, easy-to-navigate digital…

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  • NinthDecimal Partners with TiVo to Measure TV Advertising’s Real-World Influence

    … NinthDecimal Partners with TiVo to Measure TV Advertising’s Real-World Influence October 15, 2015 by Annie Melton Leave a Comment Filed Under: Features In today’s digitally-focused advertising landscape, overlooking TV’s influence is easy. But at 38%, it still accounts for the largest share of U.S. media spending, topping digital by six…

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