Omnichannel Marketing

  • Marketing Campaign Strategy: Taking an Omni-Channel Approach

    … A famous marketing pioneer once said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half." Qualifying a response to ads has become much easier since his time. As marketing trends continuously shift in conjunction with new media – it's become less about traditional media and more about digital. This has a lot…

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  • Leveraging Technology to Ensure Online Marketing Success

    … For many marketers, technology can often be a daunting aspect to the industry that we operate in. However, it plays a crucial role in digital marketing today, and the future success of omni-channel marketing. Over time, commerce has continuously evolved. From the beginning of civilization, simple trade turned into mass production and sales…

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  • The Evolution of SEO: Reaching Your Target Audience Today

    … Search engine optimization has always been one of my favorite marketing channels, and after being in the industry for about 14 years, I have been able to grow up alongside of it. We’ve seen so many changes and transitions with SEO in recent years that its evolution, growth, and integration into other marketing channels has helped us to achieve…

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  • Brand Development Strategy: Omni-Channel Marketing Trends 2016

    … phrase, and before we discuss what trends will define it this year we need to fully understand what it means. While the truth is that it’s a phrase marketers invented for other marketers to make them look more intelligent, at its core omni-channel marketing means respecting users above all else by presenting them with content on a myriad…

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  • The Future of Omnichannel Marketing: Key Tips & Takeaways

    … On February 9th and 10th 2016, Blue Fountain Media hosted a seminar on “The Future of Omnichannel Marketing.” With the help of an esteemed panel of industry thought-leaders, we discussed how the landscape of digital marketing is changing, and what trends and initiatives we see on the horizon. Stay tuned to our blog in the upcoming weeks, as we…

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  • 5 Retail Trends for 2015 Every Marketer Should Know

    … Two-thirds of consumers now shop across devices, making multi-touch attribution and omnichannel marketing key to every retail marketers’ strategy. There’s no longer a distinct line between online digital marketing and offline sales. Consumers are now regularly webrooming – shopping online and picking up at a local retail outlet – and showrooming…

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  • Omnichannel Marketing in a Nutshell

    … to consumers) customers expect brands to design a user experience that is personal, relevant and seamless across devices. It is important for digital and social marketers to understand the reason why, the context, the when, where and how their customers are using what screen to connect with and buy from the business. Take a listen to the 154th…

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  • Email Marketing: Creating a customer profile

    … At IRCE 2014, Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS Institute, sat down with Pete Prestipino, Editor-in-Chief, Website Magazine, to discuss email marketing strategy in a constantly connected world. “Customers are omnichannel,” Pete explained. “So retailers today … really need to focus on building a very rich profile…

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