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  • How To Optimize Images For Search Engines, Social Media and People

    The article was updated April 2017. Please post comments to add up-to-date tips and tools Optimize your images for search engines: Use keywords in alt text, text around the image, file name, page title; Set up separate search-engine-accessible image folder; Use reasonable image file size (here are wordpress plugins to optimize images).

    Ann Smarty/ Seo Smarty- 36 readers -
  • Your Blog as an ROI Generator

    … a search for restaurants in a certain area will first produce those who have been reviewed. I.e., reviewed sites get preference in search results. Provide epic content It’s got to be said. If your content is bad, it’s not likely you’re going to make your millions from blogging. There are just too many blogs on the Internet, and it’s far too easy…

    The Blog Heraldin Social SEO EMail- 17 readers -
  • Beyond Google’s 10 Blue Links

    … We moved away from 10 blue links per page long time ago: Google’s search results page real estate is much more complicated these days providing us with new opportunities as well as more challenges. Last week I hosted #SEMrushchat talking about different types of Google’s search results and what they mean for brands. Here are my…

    Ann Smarty/ Seo Smarty- 25 readers -
  • On Page SEO Content Structure and Link Valuation

    In the same way that a good written document (like a report, or newspaper article) should be arranged in a certain way to make it more accessible to readers, it’s a good idea to structure your webpages so they are easy for Google and the other search engines to crawl and understand. By using best practices that make your webpages more accessible to search engines and searchers ...

    Randy Milanovic/ KAYAK ONLINE MARKETING BLOG - 28 readers -
  • 8 Advanced On-Page SEO Techniques Your Boss Expects You to Know

    … After over a decade of doling out penalties, Google has caused the rise and demise of manipulative SEO methods. Many professionals have nearly forgotten the broad space for manipulation enabled by on-page SEO, and are acting on a very basic level, be it as a result of added caution or perhaps habit. No, this isn’t another article about title…

    Ben Oren/ Search Engine Journalin SEO- 26 readers -
  • Top Tips for Creating Meta Data

    … their way through your site trying to work out what it’s all about, and therefore which results to show and where to place your site in the SERPs. Meta data is there to help them understand what your page is all about and the queries for which you are most relevant. Which Meta Tags Are Essential? Title Tag The title tag is not strictly a tag…

    Laura Phillips/ Koozai.com- 22 readers -
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