On-Site Seo

  • How I increased my blog’s Search Traffic by 44% in under a month

    … with the help of the title tag and its meta description: Another simple example, is adding a single word on the meta description, just to make the page more visible for another long-tail (that I wasn’t really targeting before). In this case, I just added the word “new”, for the page to be able to target the keyword “new SEO strategies”, in which…

    Jason Acidre/ Kaiserthesagein SEO- 30 readers -
  • SEO for E-Commerce: Why You Need Structured Data

    … Marking up product information using structured data to enhance search results with rich snippets has long provided a nice SEO benefit to a company’s product pages. Adding structured data may provide an advantage over competing pages by giving some extra flair and thus a higher click-through rate than the other results on the page. However…

    Marc Purtell/ Search Engine Journalin SEO- 8 readers -