One-Night Stand

A one-night stand is a single sexual encounter with no implication of further relations between sexual participants. This is regardless of whether a one-night stand was originally intended by either participant to be a one-night stand, or whether further relations between the participants subsequently arise. The term has been defined by critics as "sexual activity without emotional commitment or future involvement".
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  • PPC experts suggest ways to dominate Cyber Monday

    … a fantastic regular contributor: Theresa Baiocco of Conversion Max. She urges marketers to not treat Cyber Monday like a one-time sales push. Don’t treat Cyber Monday like a one-night stand, where you’re simply trying to get as many sales on that one day as you can. Instead, set yourself up for long-term relationships with these new customers. Incentivize…

    Jonathan Svilar/ 3Q Digitalin Paid Search- 12 readers -
  • 5 Post-Conversion Strategies to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

    … on the Jetstar website. I counted 19 separate upsells, cross-sells and add-on-sells just in their booking process. But what is it that makes this favorite tactic of airlines so effective? The first reason upselling works: “defaults” In his TED talk, behavioral economist Dan Ariely explains some of the psychology behind upselling. One of the key…

    Marcus Taylor/ Unbouncein Facebook- 26 readers -
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