• 3 Myths About Why Offline Businesses Shouldn’t Be Online

    … Post Views Today: 0 Imagine how many brands and businesses there are in the world today. Now think about your local neighborhood and how many of them are or aren’t online. It’s actually quite amazing when you think about it… some businesses and brands still haven’t made the transition to the internet! How is that even possible? More often…

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  • Brand Newsroom 119: How to get your website right

    … View Larger Image Brand Newsroom 119: How to get your website right What does your website look like? Are you happy with it? Is it working for you and, more importantly, is it working for your customers? Zion Ong, director of West Australian digital marketing company Alyka, joins the BNR team to talk about what’s best practice when it comes…

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  • Month In Numbers – November 2016

    … Whether or not you’ve started your holiday shopping, the end of November tends to be the biggest push in consumer purchasing for this quarter. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just passed, the amount of money spent was absolutely staggering. How does this balance between desktop and mobile? Will we see further argument for the necessity…

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Startup Online

    … options. You can even find guest blogging services that can help you build up good content, and since most freelance writers and graphic artists offer reasonable rates, you’ll find something for every budget consideration. Social Media Matters It’s always important to keep up communication options with your customers, founders and investors. Social media…

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  • The Online Road to Wealth

    … The Online Road to Wealth Hey, I got into online marketing some years ago, and by now, I think it would probably be okay to almost consider me an expert. ( Still doesn’t sit quite right with me somehow ) You see this business lets you lead a care-free, affluent lifestyle, make more money while doing less than anybody else in any other field… 18 readers -