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Conversion marketing is an eCommerce phrase most commonly used to describe the act of converting site visitors into paying customers. Although different sites may consider a "conversion" to be some sort of result other than a sale. One example of a conversion event other than a sale is if a customer were to abandon an online shopping cart, the company could market a special offer, e.g. free shipping, to convert the visitor into a paying customer. A company may also try to recover the abandoner through an online engagement method such as proactive chat in an attempt to assist the customer through the purchase process.
Posts about Online Conversion
  • Conversion Assist Tools: Help Your Audience Dig Deeper

    … consumption, lower bounce and abandonment and an increase in conversion. How we are using it at AmeriFirst At Amerifirst, we are helping website-browsing visitors with next-step content recommendations to increase engagement and conversion. In addition, we recommend blog visitors relevant content from our website as a way to move them forward…

    Dan Moyle/ Relevancein Content- 12 readers -
  • Higher Online Conversion in Easier Steps

    … Higher Online Conversion in Easier Steps The nirvana of online marketing is having all your online visitors convert into possible leads, if not sales! Just like nirvana this is a theoretical state of existence that is near impossible to achieve! What you can do is go as close to that perfect state as possible…

    Debajyoti Banerjee / Seven Boats- 4 readers -
  • Driving Phone Conversions – Let’s Talk

    … to maintain than an online conversion path. Many of the calls they may receive will not have any chance to convert. They will get calls from consumers looking for the location of the campus book store or where to apply for a job. They will get calls from consumers that don’t meet the requirements for a program, whether that be a lack of previous…

    Miles Olson/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 5 readers -
  • Clicks, Customers, and Cashflow, Part Three: Profit

    … into your website, business processes, and economics. Businesses with “concrete” websites and sales processes (i.e. they can’t or won’t change them) or fixed budgets should not consider using this system to run AdWords campaigns. Show me the money! Does it work for everyone? No! Sometimes the economics and competitive marketplace make AdWords too…

    David Rothwell/ 3Q Digitalin Paid Search EMail Google- 23 readers -
  • The Big Lead Gen Mistake You’re Probably Making

    … the while, your answer may be just outside your periphery. In this case, the object beyond my -3.75 vision was the additional list of options my visitors have when they arrive. Specifically their engagement choices. Yes, there is the traditional “conversion” – in fact, this site has two online lead forms. But there is also a live chat box…

    Carrie Albright/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 20 readers -
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