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  • How Ben & Cole Earned $49,316 With Their First Online Photography Course

    … Ben Hartley and Cole Eutzy were six weeks away from launching their first online photography course. Cole, a marketer at his day job, wasn’t new to copywriting. But the last thing he wanted was for their course to bomb because their sales page didn’t work. And then there were the THOUSANDS of online photography courses being sold in a crowded…

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  • Need an idea for an online course? HERE YOU GO!

    … The online course market hit $187.5 billion just a year ago… and it looks like it’s going to grow to $244 billion by 2022. And that’s why you see so many people creating – and selling – online courses about all sorts of weird topics. People sell courses that show people how to use excel for small business. They show people how to create…

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  • How to Get the Most Out of an Online Course

    … Scratch, will go live. It was first launched late last year to a limited number of students on a very specific segment of my email list, which is why most of my audience didn’t even know about it. It’s gone through a number of upgrades and tweaks since then, thanks to the amazing feedback from those initial students. Yay for product validation! Click…

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  • [2017] Review Of Kajabi: All-In-One Online Course & Membership Platform

    … Have you ever tried to set up an online course or membership site? If you want to pull out large chunks of your hair, try it. Although there are various ways to set up an online course, you could end up spending a small fortune, because not only can it be painful trying to get everything to work together, but it’s likely you’ll need to invest…

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  • How to Create Powerful Online Courses with Kajabi

    … Teaching an online course is far from being all sunshine and rainbows. You have to deal with a lot to set everything up. Your tasks include creating and marketing your content, as well as engaging with your audience. That’s how things were in the past, at least. Setting up a web portal for your courses has become a lot less complicated because…

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  • 7 Ways to Effectively Brand and Advertise Your Online Course

    … and developing reports on demographics, conversion rates, bounce rates, etc. This will help improve your approach moving forward. Maximize your online courses with compelling branding: There’s no such “if you build it, they will come” sales strategy for small brands. Until you’re on the same level as brands like Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike, you won’t…

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