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  • CEI 086: Kick-Ass Marketing Funnels with Todd Brown

    … On today’s episode of Connect, Engage, Inspire, we’re talking about funnels – marketing funnels, that is. Todd Brown from Marketing Funnel Automation is here to take us through all of the levels of marketing funnels and how to use them to generate more money and become more successful. So what does that really mean? Well, Todd is the king…

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  • How To Be Successful In A Social Media Role If You Are An Introvert

    You are passionate about social media, and you love the real time excitement and the fizz it provides. You have the talent and knowledge, and you want to make a career in it. But a niggling voice doubts whether you can. Because, you are an introvert. And social media is seemingly all about extroversion and being on the outside.

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  • CEI 074: Making Connections on LinkedIn with Josh Turner

    … and Don’ts of Using LinkedIn! This report will really jump-start your LinkedIn presence and start growing your business. Enjoying the podcast? Help us spread the word! If you liked what you heard here, please subscribe to us on iTunes or by RSS. (If you’re subscribing by RSS for the first time, go to your podcast player, and enter the RSS link – your…

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  • Best of the Web: A Harvest of Business Power

    … Zappos Culture (iDoneThis) – Want to make a dent in the universe? Want to keep a great team for a long time? This analysis of Zappos’ success will show you how. How Good Enough is Actually Optimal (iDoneThis) – Which brings more happiness – maximizing or satisifizing? The answer may surprise you. Awesome Tools for Marketing Success Tech got you…

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