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  • Your Privacy or Your Safety: Is it Really a Zero Sum Game?

    … supervision in your family. Furthermore, the Dark Web, where sites like Silk Road once flourished and where hackers, scammers, and ne’er-do-wells loiter, can’t be accessed via a regular web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. To get to those creepy corners of the internet, you have to use the Tor browser. The Tor Browser For the uninitiated among…

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  • “Delete” does not mean deleted. 4 Steps to protect your privacy

    … into some hot water at home. Oops. Your social posts and search history live beyond delete. Many people don’t realize the extent to which social posts, search history on Google, Facebook and Twitter, your tweets, and just about everything else you do online is preserved—and discoverable as evidence in the event of a criminal case or civil lawsuit…

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  • Millions of Ashley Madison Accounts Are on the Web Forever #JimAndAnn

    … The news broke a couple of days ago that Ashley Madison, the social media site for cheating, had been hacked and that its who database of users was released to the web. Jim Boykin and Ann Smarty are discussing of possible consequences of the hack, its impact on Internet marketing and online privacy. Ashley Madison hack is likely…

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  • 6 Critical steps to help fight for your online privacy

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist Just when people seem comfortable oversharing online, something will happen that gets people talking about online privacy again. For instance, when the settings for Periscope (an app for live-streaming video) defaulted to broadcasting a user’s location, people legitimately freaked out. When…

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  • Blur Enables Users to Obscure Their Google Search Data

    … It’s almost impossible to browse the internet these days without exposing some of your data. Most companies online, especially social networks and search engines, are now big data companies exploiting user data for profit. A service from online privacy company Abine, called Blur, hopes to provide better consumer protection through anonymous web…

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  • How to Check Social Media Privacy Settings

    …. The Privacy tab also has a feature that many people don’t know about: there’s the capability to limit the audience for old posts. For example, let’s say you realized that you were posting publicly the entire time you’ve been on Facebook and you want to beef up your security. Just click the Limit Old Posts button and they will only be available…

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  • Privacy Checkup Is Now Rolling Out

    … By Paddy Underwood, Product Manager Today, we’re starting to roll out Privacy Checkup, which helps you review and control who you’re sharing with. We know you come to Facebook to connect with friends, not with us. But we also know how important it is to be in control of what you share and who you share with. You’ll see the option to take…

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  • The sneaky method BuzzFeed uses to win the market research game

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist Ever taken a BuzzFeed quiz? You probably never thought you were disclosing anything too personal. After all, what insight could be gleaned by a marketer’s knowing which Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or Downton Abbey character you are? But other quizzes—such as How Lazy Are You and What Grade…

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