• The new programmatic arsenal: How Turner, The Economist are beefing up their approach

    … Premium publishers and broadcasters have been long aware that programmatic sales is an integral part of their ad strategy. Turner, for instance, has been more heavily focused on aligning its direct and programmatic sales teams “over the last eight or nine months,” said Nick Johnson, senior vice president of digital ad sales strategy for Turner Ad…

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  • From OTT platforms to publishers: Here’s how to make money

    … Bringing advertisers to OTT platforms hasn’t been historically easy. “From the beginning…there really wasn’t a lot of demand from the buyer side,” said Kenna Ranson, the director of ad products and revenue at the anime focused Crunchyroll, which has been in the OTT space for an impressive 10 years. That long ago, TV was still the only real…

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  • How holistic platforms could bridge the programmatic and direct divide

    … Programmatic has swallowed up nearly two thirds of all US ad spend, but direct—which still captures nearly $11 billion in ad spend—will be coexisting with programmatic for the foreseeable future. Faced with the reality that direct and programmatic are in for the long haul, publishers are looking for ways to efficiently straddle both worlds…

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  • Rainy Days & Big Screens Push Online Video Engagement

    … of entertainment. Consumers on connected TVs spent 81 percent of their time watching videos longer than 10 minutes.Mobile devices remain the favorite “snacking tool.” Viewers spent 45 percent of their time watching videos of six minutes or less in length.On tablets, viewers spent 23 percent of their time watching video of 30-60 minutes in length…

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  • 50% of Video Views Will Be Via Mobile in 2016 [Research]

    …, and indicate that more bandwidth capacity, and increasingly affordable and innovative devices means this estimate is on target. Video Length and the Multi-screen Experience In Q2 2014, the share of time watched for videos over 10 minutes in length was 81% for Connected TVs, 70% for tablets, 62% for desktops and 49% for smartphones. Connected TV also…

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