• Six key steps toward building trust in programmatic advertising

      By John Murphy, Head of Marketplace Quality, OpenX Programmatic advertising is a $45 billion industry, and it’s poised to become the primary way in which a majority of all advertising is globally traded. However, as a recent CMO Council report found, seven in ten CMOs still have significant trust concerns about the quality of programmatic advertising.

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    • Major publishers have fallen victim to domain spoofing: can your business avoid the same fate?

      By John Murphy, ‎VP, marketplace quality, OpenX Recent news stories have shone an important light onto the pervasive issue of counterfeit advertising defrauding brands and robbing publishers of deserved revenue. The practice began receiving mainstream attention following the announcement by the Financial Times that they had found millions of dollars worth of counterfeit ad spa ...

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  • Fraud: A View From the Frontlines

    … For players across the digital advertising ecosystem, there’s no question about the biggest threat facing the industry today. Fraud is everywhere — and not just of the bot variety. Pixalate CEO Jalal Nasir points out that “fraudsters are deploying machine learning to unleash never before seen types of fraud.” Tim Sims, Senior Vice President…

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  • Combating fraud and poor quality must be on the front burner at Advertising Week

    … by John Murphy, Head of Marketplace Quality, OpenX When advertising leaders gather in New York City for Advertising Week later this month, the one issue topping every publisher and brand priority list must be the need for a transparent conversation about the technology challenges threatening the long-term health of their advertising businesses…

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  • Disconnecting from display: Mobile apps need tailored quality solutions

    … by Maggie Mesa, vice president of mobile, OpenX For all that publishers have done to tailor their advertising game plans for mobile apps, it’s shocking that many of them are still combatting in-app inventory quality issues with the same strategies they use in desktop advertising. Though brand safety, viewability and fraud are problematic…

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  • Why publishers need to protect their reputations in the age of server-to-server

    … by John Murphy, VP of marketplace quality, OpenX Most publishers are well aware of the benefits that can come from implementing header bidding and server-to-server containers. But what they might not know is that these increasingly popular monetization tools have ushered in a new threat to inventory quality. By flooding DSPs with duplicate bid…

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  • Publishers want to know: What’s my inventory worth?

    … by Ted Yu, leader product manager, OpenX As the programmatic advertising landscape continues to evolve with new technology and players, the fundamental question for publishers and app developers relying on ad-based revenue remains unchanged — what is the value of my advertising inventory? What has changed is the information and tools…

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  • Reclaim your real estate: How publishers can kick third-party tags to the curb

    … by Joseph Galarneau, CEO, Mezzobit In the past two years, periodic scans of more than 100,000 media websites have revealed a 30 percent increase in third-party tags — JavaScript, pixels, and other calls — on publishers’ pages. The erosion of publishers’ control of their online real estate is a familiar tale, but a new wave of threats is emerging…

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  • Four ways publishers need to be digging deeper into revenue optimization

    … by Tim Sheets, VP of Monetization, OpenX With programmatic making up the lion’s share of many publishers’ digital revenue, it is even more important for publishers to dig deeper into yield optimizations. That means opening up a slew of programmatic opportunities for publishers to grab more ad dollars. By doing so, we have found that publishers…

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