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  • Play Marketball: Turn Disconnected Teams Into High Performers

    … of management altogether. I’m proposing that on a modern content marketing team (whose goals, obstacles, and workloads are typically so huge that it’s a wonder they don’t all sleep under their desks), a manager’s job is to hire amazing people, empower them using Agile principles and processes, and then work like hell to keep anyone else from…

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  • 6 Steps to Find the Perfect Content Marketing Pro

    …, but if you follow this process, you can be confident that you have identified a content marketer who will be able to tell your story and help your organization grow. Want to help your content marketing team continue to learn and grow? Encourage them to subscribe to CMI’s free daily or weekly digest newsletter. Cover image by Ryan McGuire via Bells Design Gratisography The post 6 Steps to Find the Perfect Content Marketing Pro appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. …

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  • 7 Ways to Accelerate Your Content Review and Approval

    … As a content marketer, you have so much of the planning and execution phases in your control. You drive forward, setting up tasks to be done and milestones to be hit, and then knocking them down one by one. You have a tangible feeling of accomplishment and momentum. Everything’s running on time. The finish line is in view. You can almost taste…

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  • 10 Ways to Save Time in Creating Content

    …, and distributing content. Then I set out to optimize the process, while also working to improve the response from my audiences. Here are 10 tips I learned along the way. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: How to Write User-Oriented Content More Quickly 1. Streamline research The research phase can eat up a ridiculous amount of time if you’re not careful. We all want…

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  • 10 Ways Content Marketing and Sales Teams Can Work Together

    … together, revenue could grow upwards of 10% annually via @IDC via @HubSpot. Click To Tweet If your company wants to see similar benefits from a sales and marketing alignment, it’s time to restructure the two teams to facilitate better workflow between them. HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: 3 Ways Content Can Build a Bridge Between Marketing…

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  • 7 Steps to Building a Content Marketing Culture That Works

    …, within their area of expertise, to the success of your content marketing strategy. Define all roles according to the unique skill sets of your people, including any number of hybrid skill sets growing out of disciplines like PR and SEO. More on how to organize effective content teams at scale: The Basics of Digital Governance: What Content…

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  • How to Make Content Creation the Star Quarterback

    … marketing for HCSS; and Dusty DiMercurio, content marketing and strategy, AutoDesk. All-star content marketing teams versus rookies As we saw, content marketers who say their team is crossing the goal line more often cite content creation (higher quality content and/or more efficient processes) as the game changer. The teams who reported stagnant success…

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