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The Do Not Track (DNT) header is the proposed HTTP header field DNT that requests that a web application disable either its tracking or cross-site user tracking (the ambiguity remains unresolved) of an individual user. The Do Not Track header was originally proposed in 2009 by researchers Christopher Soghoian, Sid Stamm, and Dan Kaminsky. Efforts to standardize Do Not Track by the W3C have so far been unsuccessful.In December 2010, Microsoft announced support for the DNT mechanism in its Internet Explorer 9 web browser. Mozilla's Firefox became the first browser to implement the feature, while Internet Explorer, Apple's Safari, Opera and Google Chrome all later added support.
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  • Facebook’s Tracking is Raising Concern

    … it will provide an opt-out function for publishers, but the exact conditions and usage restrictions are still unknown. The new system relies upon two types of tracking: a pixel tag, a small txt file hidden in the website’s root directory; and a cookie, which reside in the user’s browser. Ghostery is reporting that since the second quarter…

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