• This Simple Trick Will Help You Read People Better

    … where we fall on theskepticism–optimism scale can help us build our innovation muscles, properly assessing people’s communication style can help us figure out how to optimally interact in different situations, whether the context is business or the grocery checkout line. Alessandra’s two human dimensions are openness and directness. “Openness…

    Shane Snow/ The Content Strategist- 3 readers -
  • This Counterintuitive Trait Will Help You Innovate

    … One of my biggest pet peeves is when a pessimist says, “I’m not a pessimist. I’m a realist.” Truthfully, most of us think we’re “realists.” We see the world the way we see it. But how we actually behave is a different matter, and reveals the truth about our outlook. A “realist” who complains about how the country will be worse under President…

    Shane Snow/ The Content Strategist- 2 readers -
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