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  • Your growth strategy and the true potential of A/B testing

    … to a specialist” became the main call-to-action on this page. Magento’s most valuable prospects value the opportunity to get more information from a specialist more than they value a free product demo. SaaS ‘best practices’ be damned. Optimization is a way of doing business. It’s a strategy for embedding a test-and-learn culture within every…

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  • A day in the life of an optimization champion

    …, for instance, it becomes very difficult to test something more dramatic like a new value proposition or personalization experiences.” Despite the challenges, Sarah and Jose believe in conversion optimization. Of course, it’s a lot easier to sell the idea of CRO if there’s already a data-driven, testing culture within a company. Q: Was there a testing…

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  • How to be a heavy hitter in enterprise e-commerce CRO

    … optimization in a team setting. The demands have shifted; the expectations are far greater. New tools are being created to solve new problems. So what does it take to own enterprise e-commerce CRO in 2016 compared to before? Make money during A/B tests While “always be testing” is a great mantra, I have to ask, “is you ‘always be banking?’” Most of us have…

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  • How to A/B test for long-term success (don’t underestimate insights!)

    … is given to the young hot-shot on your team and you are left searching for a new gig. A sad turn of events, right? Many people would label this a familiar tale of poor management (and correctly so!). Yet, when it comes to conversion optimization, there are many companies making the same mistake. Optimizers are so often under pressure to satisfy…

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  • How to interpret scrollmaps for A/B testing

    … doing or considering conversion optimization (and you should be), it’s a good idea to incorporate scrollmaps, clickmaps, and heatmaps into your analytics arsenal. Scrollmaps are particularly useful because where you’re testing is just as important as what you’re testing. (I’ll get into this more in a second). If you haven’t explored this aspect…

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  • The high cost of conversion-before-education thinking

    … information at the right time. In the end, an ill-educated, misguided or unqualified prospect is a waste of your time, regardless of positive conversion rate percentages. Don’t simply guess at what information to present to your users and when – test it, instead. How does education fit into your optimization strategy? Have you tested providing your…

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  • How to write a hypothesis

    … is necessary for your optimization team. If your tests are based on random ideas you googled or were suggested by a consultant, your testing process still has its training wheels on. Great hypotheses aren’t random. They’re based on rationale and aim for learning. Hypotheses should be based on themes and analysis that show potential conversion…

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  • 5 business must-haves for successful conversion rate optimization

    … was a foreign concept. Today, “conversion optimization”, “CRO”, “growth hacking”, “lean enterprise”, “growth optimization”, and “optimization strategy” are all buzzwords in the marketing world. Most companies understand the importance of optimization (and the negative impact of missing this train). But, as one of WiderFunnel employee pointed out…

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  • The top 8 marketing trends for 2016

    What should marketers be on top of this year? As in past years, I sat down with our strategy team and we compiled a list of marketing trends to look for this year. Below is WiderFunnel’s list of the top 8 marketing trends of 2016. One major theme is the establishment of testing as a widely accepted business practice.

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  • 7 habits of highly effective CRO strategists

    …How are you going to improve your optimization strategy in 2016? It’s that time of year, again: a time for reflection and resolutions. As you look forward, you may be asking yourself… What worked this year? What needs improvement? How can I take my optimization strategy to the next level in the New Year? The WiderFunnel team answering your…

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  • The best optimization process just got better

    … follow after experiments have been prioritized and planned. Development and QA – The technical details are critical to ensure reliable experiment results. If goals are improperly set up or any technical detail is missed, your experiments can be wasted. There are many common A/B testing goal tracking mistakes you should avoid. Live A/B test…

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  • Do A/B test results fade over time? Surprising results from three years of data.

    … with DMV.org to develop an integrated long-term optimization program that consistently delivers both revenue lift and customer insights. Geographic personalizations A/B testing on geographic personalizations yielded some surprising results that went directly against commonly held personalization “best practices.” In addition, testing revealed one word…

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  • A/B testing during the holidays: Risks and rewards

    … Are you considering running A/B tests this holiday season? Testing during the holidays may seem like a good idea — after all, the spike in traffic can help complete a test quickly — but it’s important to understand how the results might be skewed. Consumer behavior is different during the holidays: their sense of urgency is higher, or they may…

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  • Research shows secrets of the top landing page optimizers

    … WiderFunnel has just released a new research report showing the habits of companies that get the best landing page optimization results. Download the Free Landing Page Optimization Research Report 2015For high traffic websites, LPO is often cited as the most profitable area to invest marketing funds. But which metrics should drive this type…

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  • Adopt framework thinking to be a marketing optimization leader

    … it focused on the problems at hand, allowing the focused concentration time needed for my mind’s goal-striving mechanism (or as Maxwell Maltz refers to it in Psycho-Cybernetics, the Servo Mechanism) to lock onto a problem and seek a solution. Great frameworks separate the pro from the amateur People often ask me what makes WiderFunnel different…

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