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    • Your growth strategy and the true potential of A/B testing

      Reading Time: 7 minutes Imagine being a leader who can see the future… Who can know if a growth strategy will succeed or fail before investing in it. Who makes confident decisions based on what she knows her users want. Who puts proven ideas to work to cut spending and lift revenue. Okay. Now stop imagining, because you can be that leader…right now. You just need the right tool.

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  • A day in the life of an optimization champion

    …, for instance, it becomes very difficult to test something more dramatic like a new value proposition or personalization experiences.” Despite the challenges, Sarah and Jose believe in conversion optimization. Of course, it’s a lot easier to sell the idea of CRO if there’s already a data-driven, testing culture within a company. Q: Was there a testing…

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  • How to be a heavy hitter in enterprise e-commerce CRO

    … optimization in a team setting. The demands have shifted; the expectations are far greater. New tools are being created to solve new problems. So what does it take to own enterprise e-commerce CRO in 2016 compared to before? Make money during A/B tests While “always be testing” is a great mantra, I have to ask, “is you ‘always be banking?’” Most of us have…

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  • How to A/B test for long-term success (don’t underestimate insights!)

    … and the ability to gain insights from the results. For more on proper Design of Experiments, you should read this post >> “Design your A/B tests to get consistently better results” We see Optimization Managers make the same mistakes over and over again, discounting the future for results today. If you overlook testing “down-time” (those…

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  • How to interpret scrollmaps for A/B testing

    … doing or considering conversion optimization (and you should be), it’s a good idea to incorporate scrollmaps, clickmaps, and heatmaps into your analytics arsenal. Scrollmaps are particularly useful because where you’re testing is just as important as what you’re testing. (I’ll get into this more in a second). If you haven’t explored this aspect…

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  • The high cost of conversion-before-education thinking

    … information at the right time. In the end, an ill-educated, misguided or unqualified prospect is a waste of your time, regardless of positive conversion rate percentages. Don’t simply guess at what information to present to your users and when – test it, instead. How does education fit into your optimization strategy? Have you tested providing your…

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  • How to write a hypothesis

    … is necessary for your optimization team. If your tests are based on random ideas you googled or were suggested by a consultant, your testing process still has its training wheels on. Great hypotheses aren’t random. They’re based on rationale and aim for learning. Hypotheses should be based on themes and analysis that show potential conversion…

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  • 5 business must-haves for successful conversion rate optimization

    … was a foreign concept. Today, “conversion optimization”, “CRO”, “growth hacking”, “lean enterprise”, “growth optimization”, and “optimization strategy” are all buzzwords in the marketing world. Most companies understand the importance of optimization (and the negative impact of missing this train). But, as one of WiderFunnel employee pointed out…

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  • The top 8 marketing trends for 2016

    … created by the Global Optimization Group. 6. The conversion optimization tipping point When we first launched in 2007, we had to focus our energy on convincing companies of the value of conversion rate optimization (CRO). Almost 10 years later, there’s no more question of whether an optimization strategy is good for business. Now, the questions are about…

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  • 7 habits of highly effective CRO strategists

    …How are you going to improve your optimization strategy in 2016? It’s that time of year, again: a time for reflection and resolutions. As you look forward, you may be asking yourself… What worked this year? What needs improvement? How can I take my optimization strategy to the next level in the New Year? The WiderFunnel team answering your…

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  • The best optimization process just got better

    …. We call it the Infinity Optimization Process. What is the Infinity Optimization Process? WiderFunnel’s Infinity Optimization Process™ The most advanced organizations view optimization as an ongoing strategy. It’s not a one-time project and it doesn’t have an end point where the company’s experiences are “optimized”. WiderFunnel’s Infinity…

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  • Do A/B test results fade over time? Surprising results from three years of data.

    …Visiting the DMV is no one’s favorite chore. Just understanding how it works can be confusing, complicated and frustrating. DMV.org aims to change that by providing information to simplify the DMV experience. More than 200 million site visitors a year look up information on how to register a car, get a driver’s license, learn more about speeding…

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  • A/B testing during the holidays: Risks and rewards

    …. The organization learned some important principles about the different types of messaging to use during high and low urgency seasons from the landing page tests we conducted. For more details about how the test was run, watch this landing page optimization webinar. Option 2: Hold off on testing while you conduct qualitative studies If A/B testing…

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  • Research shows secrets of the top landing page optimizers

    … rated time on page lower on the list of metrics to track. “Tracking time on page can be useful as an analytics metric,” says Olivia Williams, a WiderFunnel Optimization Manager. “But be careful — time on page can be positive or negative depending on the situation and your conversion goal.” Bounce rate came in fourth, with 32% of respondents…

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  • Adopt framework thinking to be a marketing optimization leader

    … than other optimization agencies. I was actually just asked that question again today. And, while there are many possible answers: great clients, amazing team, high-performance culture, awesome results, years of experience, deep test archives, etc, one aspect stands out. I made an important decision when we began as a purely Conversion Rate…

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