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  • Insider Tips from One of the World’s Top Fitness Websites

    … A significant portion of my day is spent trying to improve conversions. That could mean changing colors on a button, split testing some email sign-up forms or re-designing a landing page to see whether I can increase my click through rate. And one way I get ideas about what I could improve is by looking at what the world’s top websites…

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  • 5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Design

    …, clean, giant headers to introduce you to the post. And then take a look at Lifestyle Updated and how they opt for really large typography and a lot of space. These are all simple changes you can make to your blog’s stylesheet in a matter of minutes and have a huge win for your blog’s design. So what can I do on my blog? Now, if you’ve…

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  • 4 Email Plugins That Will Grow Your List Today

    … makes it so unique. It’s not based on chance for the winner, but shares. The one with the most entries wins. Which means, the one who gets the most people to sign up will win the prize. I’m giving away this software away ($594 value) to you hoping that helps grow your list. Enter here: Win This Plugin That Helped Josh Grow his 200k Email List…

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