• How to Keep In Touch With Your Customers

    There comes a time when the business is done between you and a customer and the only thing left is the time in between when you will work with them again. It can be a waiting game, trying to figure out if your business was good enough that they will come back. Well there are some ways that you can push them right back into your arms. And if none of these work then, you must have did it wrong.

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  • Three Great Ways to Capturing Customer Email Addresses

    … called Optyn that can help with this process we all go through. Even if we know what we are signing up for we would like to easily opt out of it like we opted in. With Optyn you can keep track of everything you are subscribed to and if you choose that you are no longer interested in a subscription, they make it easy to opt out. It is an excellent…

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  • Attracting More Customers for Your Business

    …. With this being said, it is imperative that you nurture your online reputation as well as public. Optyn is a perfect example of a couple of the above. It is a new tool for small business merchants and customers; they did not waste anytime with releasing news about it. It allows more access to controlling the emails coming in by having you opt…

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  • 5 Free Tools for Small Businesses

    … frame so the information is fresh. This tool Boomerang reminds me of another that works well with keeping your inbox clean and neat. It is called Optyn, it allows you to pick and choose what emails you want and don’t want. Keeps the spam out and eliminates the hassle of the everyday routine of click, delete, click, delete, etc. Also, Optyn…

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  • Why Consumers Opt-In

    … of the convenience of it. So marketers are learning that America IS lazy but when the deal comes to us how can we ignore, right? That is why Optyn, a new company, has emerged. You can send out your information whenever you want but to the right people. These people, who love the discounts and the feeling of earning something of value for so little, Optyn…

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  • You Must Keep Your Existing Customers Happy

    … to be contacted and then they build respect for you as well. All in all, it only makes your business better. By allowing yourself to love making your customers happy it becomes habit and you won’t even think twice about. Growing your company is one of the big goals and everyday needs to involve your clientele, and not just what they purchase. The post You Must Keep Your Existing Customers Happy appeared first on Optyn - Email Marketing Blog. …

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