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  • [Video] The Importance of Blogging for SEO

    … To learn more about some of the best blogging platforms for SEO, visit our recent blog post HERE. Optimize your blog posts with highly trafficked keywords by using these Keyword Research Tools: Google SEM Rush Hubspot For more information on digital strategy, including blogging for SEO, contact our Organic Search/SEO team today! The post [Video] The Importance of Blogging for SEO appeared first on Acceleration Partners. …

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  • Search Engine Update from AP

    … February was a BIG month for Google, and we wanted to share some of the important changes/updates: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Launches AMP officially launched on Feb. 23, 2016. AMP is a Google-backed project intended as an open standard for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. The AMP Project was formally announced…

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  • 7 Benefits of Link Building

    … notes that high quality backlinks are some of the most influential factors in SEO. They serve as a quality signal to search engines, can increase a website’s brand awareness and conversions and significantly impact a website’s organic traffic. While link building plays an important role in SEO, this tactic is also rather controversial. This is because…

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  • Checklist of Recent Google Updates to Be Aware Of in 2016

    …. It’s a part of Google’s overall search “algorithm” and was designed to help Google process its search results. Machine Learning is when a computer teaches itself how to do something, rather than being taught by humans by following detailed programming. RankBrain is the third-most important factor for ranking web pages. Although Google won’t share…

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  • How to Measure the Success of Your SEO Strategy

    … If you’ve ever eaten a stew or chili, you can appreciate how many different ingredients go in to it. But, what makes it delicious? Is it the beans? The carrots? The cumin? The pot that you cooked it in? I’m sure you’d agree that it’s all those things and more, with each ingredient contributing to the taste, texture, and overall edibility…

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