• The Fight Agaisnt the OTAs starts at Check In

    … they are and why they are there. Guests celebrating an anniversary or a birthday are going to be doing the same thing next year and leaves the door open for a direct booking. Train the desk staff to take notes about the guests and ask for email addresses. Don’t look at just the numbers from this time last year, look at the reservations too. Find out who…

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  • Educating Guests Away from the OTAs

    …. In order to stay profitable the revenue lost to the OTAs will have to come from other areas of the hotel. This could mean the next order of linens will have a lowered thread count, switching to lower quality toiletries or even reducing staff and elimination services. Finding a way to convey how important direct bookings are to the overall guest…

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  • Changes to the Way Guest Shop for Hotels

    … Travel and Yelp have made them a much more influential player in the OTA space. Even though their business still flows through traditional OTA channels like Expedia and Booking.com, Hipmunk is a much larger threat to hoteliers than other meta search sites. Along with aggregating hotels prices, Hipmunk is also including AirBnB listings into the mix…

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