• The Fight Agaisnt the OTAs starts at Check In

    … they are and why they are there. Guests celebrating an anniversary or a birthday are going to be doing the same thing next year and leaves the door open for a direct booking. Train the desk staff to take notes about the guests and ask for email addresses. Don’t look at just the numbers from this time last year, look at the reservations too. Find out who…

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  • Educating Guests Away from the OTAs

    … A recent article posted on HotelSpeak highlighted Shrine Hotel’s new strategy for keeping potential guests on their website. They are experimenting with displaying their rates with the OTA offerings. The idea behind displaying this information is that it will keep the guest from leaving the site to compare OTA prices. Provided the property has…

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  • Changes to the Way Guest Shop for Hotels

    … The travel industry is changing faster than ever. It seems like every week there is a new buyout, partnership or start up that is changing the way guests shop for hotels. This week is no different with some interesting news from Hipmunk and TripAdvisor.+ Hipmunk is another meta search engine growing in popularity. Recent partnerships with Yahoo…

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