• The Fight Agaisnt the OTAs starts at Check In

    … In any industry, a lack of competition can come with a decline in innovation and an increase in price. Without a larger field of competitor there is nothing to incentivize OTAs to keep commission rates low or introduce new products and services to the market. With only two major players left in the OTA space, Expedia and Priceline can make…

    Joshua Meehan/ E-Marketing Associates- 14 readers -
  • Educating Guests Away from the OTAs

    … A recent article posted on HotelSpeak highlighted Shrine Hotel’s new strategy for keeping potential guests on their website. They are experimenting with displaying their rates with the OTA offerings. The idea behind displaying this information is that it will keep the guest from leaving the site to compare OTA prices. Provided the property has…

    Joshua Meehan/ E-Marketing Associates- 23 readers -
  • Changes to the Way Guest Shop for Hotels

    … Travel and Yelp have made them a much more influential player in the OTA space. Even though their business still flows through traditional OTA channels like Expedia and Booking.com, Hipmunk is a much larger threat to hoteliers than other meta search sites. Along with aggregating hotels prices, Hipmunk is also including AirBnB listings into the mix…

    Joshua Meehan/ E-Marketing Associates- 8 readers -
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