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  • 6 Tips to Overcome Social Media Fatigue in Your Business

    … target audience. Avoid putting all your eggs into one basket – spread your presence uniformly, monitoring which platforms bring you the best ROI. Watch what others are doing and if the new network supports your objectives, slowly integrate it into your strategy. Refine Your Content Strategy There is a surplus of social media content. When…

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  • 9 Effective Tools for Boosting Audience Engagement

    … Looking to improve your audience engagement? There are a number of different marketing tools online that you can use to engage your customers. These tools are great for small business owners. They don’t usually have the resources or staff to stay on top of their social media, but these tools can reduce the time or work needed. Here are nine…

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  • 10 Social Tools That Modern Real Estate Agents Need

    … of your real estate competition in the dust on Facebook, Twitter and all of the other prime social platforms. TAGS: Bitly, Commun.it, curalate, Do Share, feedly, hootsuite, LikeAlyzer, ManageFlitter, PageModo, partner, PinAlerts, real estate content marketing, soical tools 42 …

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  • Will Vine Be the Next Big Content Marketing Craze?

    … Published 1 min ago 32 Facebook, Twitter and Google+ tend to get all of the attention when it comes to interacting with audiences – and for good reason. These networks are well-established and rake in plenty of visibility. But with other players like Vine offering up a surprising amount of potential as well, is staying the course…

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  • Selecting Social Media Channels for Content Distribution

    Published 39 mins ago 24 With content marketing on the rise, businesses are paying closer attention than ever to communicating their brand message on social media. Choosing the right social media channels for content distribution is just as important as providing fresh and engaging content itself.

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  • The Intoxicating Truth of Instagram – And Using It to Market

    … fabulous, but is becoming more of a hotbed for third-party (Buzzfeed, Mashable, etc) content sharing than anything these days. But the emergence and the inherent illuminous nature of Instagram are plainly intoxicating. There’s something to a social network that allows users who are spending all day consuming content in text form to satisfy…

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  • 38 Quick Tips to Boost Your Content’s Social Engagement

    … If you have any kind of online presence – as a brand, an organization, a thought leader – you’re already behind the times if you haven’t expanded that presence to include social media. Assuming you have, and given the billions of people active on various social platforms, what could be preventing your social shares from skyrocketing? There…

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  • Using Branded Social Media Profiles to Promote Content

    … Content Promotion, Facebook, LinkedIn, Other Networks, Owned Media, Paid Media, Shared Media, Twitter Published 1 min ago | By: Brad Kuenn Even though Facebook and Twitter are arguably the most popular of the social networks, diversification is a huge trend in this modern marketing landscape. Depending on the audience you’re targeting, being…

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