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    • Cold Calling in 2017

      One of the most used terms in the sales and marketing world over the last 7 years has been Inbound Marketing. More companies have been putting less emphasis on traditional marketing and sales strategies like print, email marketing and cold calling to focus on things like social media and blogging.

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  • Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing – Which Gives the Best ROI?

    … Marketing has changed, thanks to the digital revolution. With the introduction of the Internet, we have moved from outbound marketing tactics towards inbound marketing. In this post, I will share the differences between both strategies and why inbound marketing is a better long-term investment. What Is Outbound Marketing? Outbound marketing…

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  • Inbound Versus Outbound Marketing: There’s No Debate

    … The “inbound versus outbound” marketing debate is something business owners and marketing professionals have been disputing for years. Which is better? Which offers the highest return? Which builds brand equity quicker and lasts longer? While the arguments are interesting, there’s really no other choice in 2015: Inbound marketing is far more…

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  • 3 lessons in online marketing I learned from an English football team

    … The State of Digital 2015 Summer Series concludes today, giving young talent in digital marketing a chance to shine in front of our audience. For our last entry, Daniel Slomka from Boost the News talks about football and online marketing. A few months ago, I joined Boost the News to start working with blogs and publishers on promoting…

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  • How eBay is Leading The e-Commerce Marketing Revolution

    … that by crosschecking previously disparate data sets, new insights would follow. Results thus far have been staggering. Insights and models built from Customer DNA resulted in incremental sales in the first half of 2014. “Customer DNA is becoming the backbone for eBay.” – Patrick Hildebrand, Director, eBay ß Text box With enhanced data-driven marketing capabilities…

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  • What Inbound Marketers Can Learn from Outbound Marketing

    Content Marketing, Content Promotion, Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media, Shared Media, Social Promotion Inbound marketing. It’s the wave of the future, right? After all, how much direct mail do you really open? How many billboards do you actually internalize? Doesn’t everyone just fast-forward through the commercials these days? Inbound marketing solves all of these probl ...

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  • 5 Signs Your Small to Midsize Business is Ready for Inbound Marketing

    … Efforts 1. You Sense a Need to Move Away from Outbound Marketing There’s a chance your company is still utilizing traditional marketing tactics – sending direct mail pieces, using billboard space, purchasing ads in the Yellow Pages or buying call lists. These tactics have been around for a while, but are you able to measure their success in driving…

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  • Then and Now: How Much Has Digital Marketing Changed?

    … ever. Today, with channels like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, with billions of users, targeted advertising and a digital landscape that never sleeps, social media has become one of the most vital parts of any marketing strategy. (Tweet this) Digital PR Backed Off So We Wanted It More Interruption Marketing or Outbound Marketing…

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  • How to Overcome the 'No Time to Create Content' Challenge

    … (not an output), and invest in distribution. On average, the most effective marketers are five times more likely to prioritize top-of-funnel activities over pre-sales projects such as creating product videos and free trials. One reason the most effective inbound marketers are growing ROI through content-driven practices is that their "outbound marketing…

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  • 20 Marketing Stats that will Drive 2014 [Infographic]

    … Using data gathered from Adobe, HubSpot, eMarketer, Gartner, the Content Marketing Institute, Salesforce, Chitika and more, the folks at WebDAM have put together 20 compelling marketing statistics that you might want to consider. Marketers from companies large and small provided the responses that comprise these statistics. But first, a basic definition to help clarify things. Inbound...continue reading … The post 20 Marketing Stats that will Drive 2014 [Infographic] appeared first on Dex Media. …

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