Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Out-of-home advertising license (OOHOLIC) (or outdoor advertising license) is made up of more than 100 different formats, totaling $6.7 billion in annual revenues in 2012 in the USA. Outdoor advertising is essentially any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while he or she is outside the home. This medium is in contrast with broadcast, print, and Internet advertising.Out of home advertising, therefore, is focused on marketing to consumers when they are "on the go" in public places, in transit, waiting (such as in a medical office), and/or in specific commercial locations (such as in a retail venue).
Posts about Outdoor Advertising Campaign
  • Foursquare rolls out first ad campaign

    … with opposite tastes). Foursquare COO Jeff Glueck said the company hopes the ads will display how Foursquare can be used by anyone. This ad will be featured at Chicago bike share stations. Foursquare was unable to place ads at New York bike share stations because Citibank is the program’s exclusive sponsor. “The solutions today give everyone…

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