• How to Host an Influencer Event: Connecting for Outreach

      Influencers are people who might or might not know of your company, but are associated with a segment of the audience you’re trying to reach. Influencers come from all walks of life. They can be bloggers, journalists, celebrities, other business professionals, brand advocates, and even industry analysts.

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  • How to generate buzz for your outreach campaign

    … Over the past month, I’ve been working away on a blogger outreach campaign for 2017. In fact, one of the campaigns is now completely subscribed for the next year. As in, all the way to the end of December 2017. I’d love to pretend that this was all down to my organisational skills, but it’s not. It’s largely because my team used a couple…

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  • How to market your online business for free

    … Four years ago, Carrie Hill wrote a brilliant guide on how to market a small business website. However as the world of online business marketing is a tumultuous place, the 2012 article was well overdue for an update. So here we present a brand new guide, full of updated information and tips to give your online business a boost without the need…

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  • Seven simple rules for effective email communication and outreach

    …. You need to effectively communicate WHY it’s in their (or their audiences’) best interest to link. Here are my rules for effective email communication (and outreach): Use templates for format. Know your audience. Lead with value. Be clear and concise. Active language wins. Send complete emails. Follow up. What is the goal of your…

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  • The 5 Reasons Why Cold Pitching is the Best Complement to Your Social Media Strategy

    … the chance to turn your diligence into an automatic conversion. Remember that cold pitching and pursuing potential clients takes patience. For example, the 4-email campaign could take the following amount of time: 2nd: three days after the 1st email 3rd: a week after the 2nd email 4th: a week after the 3rd email You should put your follow-up…

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  • 14 influencer marketing essentials for SEO success

    … (@Matdwright) November 16, 2015 7. The influencer’s longtail Every influencer and celebrity has a long-tail of searches that tend to be fairly formulaic and at times low competition and high traffic. Interviews, height, hair tutorials, workouts, makeups. They all count towards authority. Think about how you can integrate these quickly and more readily…

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  • Jake and Ryan NSP3 – A Quality-Focused Backlink Strategy

    … Yes! I Love to Learn Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income? After some time away, we’re back with call #6 with Ryan Spadafora! Admittedly, Ryan is coming along slower than the other 2 participants in Niche Site Project 3. In this call, things get heated when I call Ryan out for being a slacker…

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  • How to Get Noticed by Influencers Without Appearing Needy

    … their blog so it won’t be hard to find the form. So take a look around and as soon as you find one, sign up. ii. Send your first email to them. After you’ve signed up, and confirmed your subscription, you’re going to send them an email. Most influencers will send you a “welcome email”. Some will even ask you to reply with any questions you might have…

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  • PressRush: The Polite Pitching Platform for Journalist Outreach

    … is not to send more pitches. The solution is to build long lasting relationships starting with personal, well researched, highly targeted, and correctly timed outreach. With PressRush, I set out to build a tool to help you do just that.Ville Laurikari, Founder of Pressrush. Building a list is simple using the internal search engine for Journalists. Here’s…

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  • Best Practices for Email Outreach to Influencers

    … Since we’re pitched by public relations professionals on a daily basis, we get to see the best and worst of email outreach pitches. We’ve shared before how to write an effective pitch and this infographic is a great follow up that encompasses the greater progress. The fact is that companies need to build awareness and authority for their brand…

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  • Why Your Imagery is Affecting Your Digital PR Results

    … Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 2 seconds So, you have your little black book of contacts, you know your press release by heart and your PR pitch has been finely tuned, but there is one thing that might have been affecting your Digital PR results and that’s imagery. Imagery is hugely important for Digital PR and link acquisition. Without…

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