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  • Find and Reclaim Unlinked Mentions: Link Reclamation Tool

    … A reward for producing great content is winning mentions of your work on authority sites. Ideally, those mentions are attributed back to the source via a link, but often many are not. Here’s a tedious task: Find mentions of your site. Checking if there’s a link back to you. If there’s no link, check if […] The post Find and Reclaim Unlinked…

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  • How To Use Social Link Intersect for Quick Linkbuilding Wins

    … Earlier this month I gave a presentation on Quick Wins for SEO at Friends of Search in Amsterdam. One of the tips that seemed to go down the best was based on my comments about the Moz “Link Intersect” tool. I’ve been a fan of that idea for a long time. Link intersect analysis is cool because with some very effortless work there’s always an easy…

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  • Content Strategy Helper Tool – Version 3

    …() that mean creating version 3 has been rather challenging. We’ve changed the way this tool operates, switching away from =importXML() and instead, we’re using several different methods for data collection: =ImportFeed() e.g. =ImportFEED(A1, “items title”) Pulls the content of RSS feeds directly to Google docs, but can be filtered to return specific…

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  • The Single Best Career Tip You’ll Ever Hear

    … because I have a history of broken promises. So, “we do what we said we’d do” has become a mantra among my management team at Builtvisible. I’m very comfortable with the integrity it represents, and the accountability it brings to each member of the team. And that’s my single best career tip: always do what you said you’d do. The post The Single Best Career Tip You’ll Ever Hear appeared first on Builtvisible - A Creative Digital Agency. …

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  • The Messages Behind Messages

    … ‘Messages In The Deep’ is one of the most successful pieces of content I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. As the resident outreach specialist, my part in the picture was clear – get links. However, being an outreach specialist doesn’t limit your involvement to after a project has launched. In fact, you might find yourself struggling…

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  • Customer Lifetime Value

    … Customer Lifetime Value simply describes how much money a customer is worth to you over the lifetime of their relationship with you. The more technical definition is this: Customer Lifetime Value is the predicted net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer from the time of acquisition. CLV looks to the future…

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  • The Basics of Pricing

    … Everything has its price. The key to success is whether your pricing matches the value perceived by your target customers. If it does you are set. If your customers value you more than your price implies, you are throwing money down the drain. If your customers think you are overpriced, then either you are a monopoly, or you don’t actually have…

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  • Understanding Customers Through Market Segmentation

    … To sell to your customer, you must know your customer. You cannot solve your customers’ needs if you do not know what they are. You cannot reach your customer and grab their attention if you do not know where to find them. You cannot engage with them with any type of marketing tactic unless you have some understanding of their needs, wants…

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  • Explaining your SEO job to your parents

    … by gaining links from other good quality sites back to our own. We do this by creating useful, unique and client relevant content, either in the form of articles, infographics or interactive pieces – a bit like PR. It has to be something that people want to publish, people want to read and that gains exposure to the brand as well as gaining a link back…

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  • Everything is Marketing

    … If my hair had not fallen out due to natural causes I probably would have pulled it out by now. I set aside a chunk of time every day to read the latest punditry on content marketing, SEO, and other digital topics. Every day I read a statement along the lines of “traditional marketing is dead.” Every day I scream in frustration; silently mind you…

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  • Breaking the Bad Habit of Robotic Emails

    I come from a background that consists of customer service, sales, and social media marketing. Needless to say I naturally love talking to people. But when I joined the world of SEO a little over 2 years ago I found myself suddenly forgetting all that I knew about connecting with a human being. So for my first post on the Builtvisble blog I thought what better than to write abo ...

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  • An Additional Touch to Outreach and Sales

    … There is one thing I want to mention before I press on. Track your emails. When I first started doing outreach I became increasingly frustrated with a lack of response from people I was contacting. How do I even know they are receiving my email? Did they even click through to the resources I included? Email tracking will answer both of these questions…

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  • The 4P’s of Content Marketing

    I’m still very new to the SEO world, but I have had a passion for great Marketing and Branding for a long time, so let’s talk a little bit about a Marketing concept that I deem to be of great importance, yet often find neglected. Integrated Communications To create a great brand, you need consistent, integrated Marketing communications.

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  • Bossing Outreach

    … content (namely infographics) the team had built for clients and getting them featured on some awesome sites, cementing my position as ‘the outreach guy’ for the foreseeable future. In-fact, in my second week, I managed to get an infographic we had just finished featured on DesignTaxi, Huffington Post, Yahoo News, as well as some of the most…

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  • Using Social as a Research Tool – SMX London 2014

    … There are many ways we can look at the connection between social and search, and one huge benefit is the ability to improve your research and make informed decisions on what content you should be producing for your campaigns. That’s incredibly cool because it means we can reduce any need for guess work, and move forward with validated ideas…

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