An outwork is a minor defense, fortification, built or established outside the principal fortification limits, detached or semidetached. Outworks such as ravelins, lunettes (demilunes), and caponiers to shield bastions and fortification curtains from direct battery were developed in the 16th century. Later the increasing scale of warfare and the greater resources available to the besieger accelerated this development, and systems of outworks grew increasingly elaborate and sprawling as a means of slowing the attacker's progress and making it more costly.
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  • Why YOU Won’t Succeed in 2013

    … this to your advantage. Outwork your competition- Sure they might already be successful, but many people also get comfortable when they hit success. Take advantage of this and outwork them. Find your passion and stay motivated- Again, keep that notepad handy. To this day I still use mine as an essential daily tool. Sacrifice- Be willing to sacrifice something you enjoy or want to do so that you can reap the rewards from spending that time on your passion. …

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