Overseas Expansion

  • How To Overcome The Fear Of International Expansion

    … be equally as damaging. It can cause stagnation, paralysis and doesn’t help us reach our full potential. While many SME owners have stated an intention to expand their businesses overseas, the fear of the unknown is often cited as a major reason for not expanding internationally. With unfamiliar markets, new regulations, unknown costs and administrative…

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  • Ecommerce in USA

    … Ecommerce in USA The global ecommerce market is constantly growing, meaning the competition is getting stronger. With a population of 316 million the opportunities and potential to expand, makes the US ecommerce market one to consider. In the below infographic we have detailed the latest statistics in certain aspects of the market including the rise of mobile, the importance of social media and developing industries. This entry was posted in Overseas Expansion. Bookmark the permalink. …

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  • Yandex Means Business

    … From Cities to Islands, Yandex shows no sign of slowing its online ascendance. With huge implications for search marketing, our very own Russian linguist Maks, gives an overview of Yandex’s most recent changes and analyses their impact for both business and customer. Yandex Islands (Яндекс.Острова) Yandex Market (Яндекс.Маркет) Yandex…

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  • Global Opportunities for Online Retailers

    … Ecommerce is a global industry now, and with every day that goes by more and more people across the world become increasingly confident with buying online. From Japan to India to Brazil online retailers are taking advantage of this change in buying habits, while readily established markets such as the UK and US continue their love affair…

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  • What’s New in Global Ecommerce – July 2014

    … Several interesting updates happened in the international ecommerce markets in the last month. Tablet and mobile usage is on the rise in most countries and real-time bidding is increasing in Germany. For this and more details of the latest news, check out our slides below. What's New in Global Ecommerce in July 2014 from Search Laboratory…

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  • Ecommerce & Search Engine Marketing in Italy

    … Despite being at the forefront of the fashion industry, Italy stands as being the last European country buying online. However that looks set to change, with an increase in smartphone usage alongside increases in mobile purchases, Italy is definitely one to watch. Distrust has previously set the ecommerce market back, with the desire to examine…

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  • What’s New in Global Ecommerce – June 2014

    … Several interesting updates happened in the international ecommerce markets in the last month. Across most countries, there has been an increase in smartphone usage which has sparked growth in the mobile advertising sector, while Russia has launched a new search engine. For this and more details of the latest news, check out our slides below…

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  • What’s New in Global Ecommerce – May 2014

    … The month of May brought some good news for the international ecommerce markets. French retailers have seen website visits on the up thanks in part to the effects of social media, while the Netherlands have benefited from AdWords updates, to name just a few of the goings on. For the full details of May’s international ecommerce happenings see…

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  • Online Marketing in South America – What You Need to Know

    When European companies think about expanding their ecommerce to Latin America, they don’t tend to take into consideration the culture, language and differences of each Latin American country. Most companies want to target all these countries using one website or ecommerce site, therefore a lot of them do not succeed.

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  • What’s New in Global Search Ecommerce – March/April 2014

    … There have been some major developments across the international ecommerce markets in the last few months. Russian search engine Yandex has begun devaluing paid links for commercial queries in Moscow while several German newspapers have had their PageRank hit in a Google penalty. Tax has been a vogue topic as well, with the Italian and Swedish…

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