OVH is a worldwide, privately owned web hosting service company that provides dedicated servers, mutual hosting, domain names and VOIP telephony services. The company is a société par actions simplifiée under French law and its headquarters are in Roubaix in northern France.The company has twelve datacentres housing at least 160,000 machines. The company offers localized services in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Finland. It has also expanded its services to the United States of America and Canada. The company has deployed IPv6 and DNSSEC.
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  • OVH to give away 50,000 new gTLD names for free

    … France-based registrar OVH is to make up to 50,000 domain names in its new gTLD .ovh available for free. According to its web site and a bulletin send to customers today, the regular price of £2.69 ($4.35) will be waived for the first year and renewal pricing will be discounted. The first 20,000 names registered will renew at £1.01 ($1.63…

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