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    • 5 Content Marketing Techniques That Help Warm Up Cold Prospects

      No matter how great your business’s products or services are, there are always going to be people who haven’t heard of you. Those potential customers often become the focus of a brand’s sales and marketing efforts. But reaching out to them can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to grow beyond your own local community.

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    • Your ‘Message’ Might Be the Crux of Your Content Issues

      Content Marketing, Owned Media Marketers have lost control of their brand conversations. Back when only a handful of channels existed, marketing and sales controlled the flow of information — particularly in the medium- and high-consideration buying decisions that Adele Revella says “require a considerable investment of your buyers’ thought and time.

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    • How to Hook Your Audience through Targeting

      With So Many Fish in the Sea, Target Marketing Helps Hook the Right Ones When people buy goldfish as pets, they probably aren’t expecting to develop deep, emotional connections with these animals. Goldfish aren’t capable of showing affection, you can’t teach them how to fetch the morning paper, and everyone knows they have extremely short attention spans.

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  • Creativity Vs Constancy: Should You Redesign Your Website?

    … Owned Media, Uncategorized Companies pursue website redesigns for many reasons – maybe you’re trying to get on trend for the new year, maybe you’re changing hosting platforms, or maybe you just have this gut feeling about a new idea that you need to chase down. Whatever the reason, though, too many redesigns create more problems than…

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  • Want Social Shares? Then A/B Test Your Headlines

    Over the years, I’ve hammered home the importance of using data to drive your content marketing, as opposed to just writing and distributing based off of gut feelings or vanity metrics. Well, we now have some exciting new research that shows just how powerful multivariate testing can be when producing a story.

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  • Which Types of Content are Worth Investing in?

    … Everyone understands the value of content marketing at this point, but the question is whether or not your content strategy is delivering a high enough ROI to justify your expenses. Believe it or not, the return you receive is directly related to the various content formats and styles you use. Choosing the Right Content If you’re going to invest…

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  • Medium’s dark power

    … By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist Medium can seem like the Dark Side to a marketing Padawan. Its dominance calls to us — but we’ve been warned by our elders that owned media is the only true road to power. Most marketing blogs will have an article about how to use Medium as a marketer. Very few of these articles go into depth…

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  • How to create an effective digital marketing strategy

    …. Your owned channels are a vital part of your digital marketing strategy, as they are the starting point for your existing presence and what can be achieved while growing it. Earned Media Earned media refers to what you have gained from others about your business and it may include reviews, mentions, shares, PR coverage, guest posts and anything…

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  • Which Types of Content are Worth Investing in?

    … with social media, it’s easily [sic] to end up either trapped by choice paralysis or whittling away hours on end trying to keep up,” explains Rachel Edidin of Wired. Enter listicles. Listicles may be annoying to some, but they’re highly effective from a content marketing perspective. They represent an opportunity for marketers to synthesize…

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  • Want Social Shares? Then A/B Test Your Headlines

    … data from Priceonomics, simply A/B testing an article’s headline can almost double how frequently it gets shared on social media. There’s even more good news. A/B testing headlines leads to: 34% more pageviews (that’s the mean improvement; 28% more if measured by median.) Up to 587% more social shares (or 75% more, if looking at median…

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  • 5 Content Marketing Techniques That Help Warm Up Cold Prospects

    … current customer’s effort. Determine how much revenue a new customer brings in, and make the reward a percentage of that. Make it easy for customers to refer you on social media by adding share buttons to your checkout confirmation page, product or service description pages, and blog posts. Create an Explainer Video Before you bring prospects over…

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  • How Google’s Ad Layout May Affect Organic Traffic

    … Google has changed its search engine results by adding additional ads at both the top and bottom of the results. These search results were aimed at ‘highly commercial queries’ or searches that are highly competitive with bids. Not only has the top and bottom of the search results been altered, Google has also changed the right side ads, removing…

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  • 10 Stats That Will Shape Your 2017 SEO Strategy

    … Depending on where you live in the world, there’s a good chance your priorities shift as September winds to a close. A chill might set into the air, deeming layers and jackets immediate necessities. Seasonal produce might dictate more pumpkin- and apple-based dishes. In the hotter climates, fall likely heralds relief from the oppressive August…

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  • What You Gain (and Lose) With Ungated Content

    … Digital marketers seem to have wised up when it comes to relying on social media distribution platforms. Marketers got fat on free traffic from Facebook and Twitter, only to see the organic reach of those platforms collapse as social networks began to monetize their user base. Email came back in vogue, and with it a hunger for ever-growing lists…

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  • 7 Untapped Features of Marketing Automation to Boost Business

    … Businesses are readily automating their marketing campaigns to align themselves with the latest trends. Most marketers see marketing automation (MA) as a tool to send emails automatically, upon trigger events, which are often customized. There are several software options in the industry which are providing top notch MA services, but most…

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  • Successful Lead Generation Must Include Content and Offers

    …. Or it may start in a social media update. But it needs to continue on a landing page. The landing page is a specialized page that’s not part of your regular website topography and navigation structure. It brings your potential leads to a “moment of truth” where they must make a decision: They either accept your offer, or they don’t. Because you…

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