Ouyang (simplified Chinese: 欧阳; traditional Chinese: 歐陽; pinyin: Oūyáng also spelled Owyang, Au Yong, Auyong, Ah Yong, Auyang, Au Yeung, Au Yeong, Au Ieong, Ao Ieong, Eoyang, Oyong, O'Young, Auwjong, Ojong, Owyong, Au Duong, Ou Young, Ow Young) is one of the most common two-character Chinese compound surnames in the world. However, it is not one of the top two hundred Chinese surnames, as documented by the Language Publication Society, Beijing in 1990. Ouyang constitutes one of the twenty-odd two-character surnames that have survived in modern times.
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    … cases. We did this across eight levels: Create and Produce; Distribute and Share; Intelligence and Analytics; Promote and Amplify; Discover and Curate; Identify and Target; Optimize and Enrich; and Manage and Collaborate. Borrowing from Jeremiah Owyang, the content marketing tools that we considered in our stack help “marketers perform as digital…

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