Oxydol is the name of a laundry detergent sold in the United States and in the United Kingdom. It was created in 1914 by Thomas Hedley Co. of Newcastle upon Tyne and purchased by Procter & Gamble in 1927, it was P&G's first detergent. In the 1930s, Oxydol was the sponsor of the Ma Perkins radio show, considered the first soap opera. As Oxydol sponsorship put the soap in "soap opera". P&G sold the brand in 2000 to Redox Brands, a marketing company founded by former Procter & Gamble employees. Redox Brands was merged into CR Brands in 2006.
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  • What Do Ben Franklin and G.I. Joe Have in Common?

    … they could promote their Oxydol laundry detergent. And so, at 3:00 PM on December 4, 1933, the first episode of Oxydol’s Own Ma Perkins debuted on NBC’s Red Network. The idea was so successful that it was immediately aped by P&G’s competitors Colgate-Palmolive and Lever Brothers, giving rise to the term “soap opera.” 1982: G.I. Joe: A Real American…

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