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  • 5 Ways Your Event Calendar Can Enhance SEO

    … and personalized web. Some of the best ways to optimize your search ranking include increasing the number of individual pages and backlinks, encouraging social sharing and making sure your site always has fresh content. The common thread? All of these can be achieved with the launch of an event calendar. There are efficient ways your online event…

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  • Changing a Blog Post’s Title – a Before vs. After Data Comparison

    … caricatures and an example of what Watchmen‘s Rorschach might write in his journal if he were an SEO… But you know what? That’s their loss. Average time on page Ok, so bounce rate remained fairly consistent… but what about its partner in crime, time on page? This also went the bad direction (down) – but again, not by much. From 15m05s to 14m15s (a decrease…

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