• Are Social Marketers Focused On The Wrong Metrics?

    … Social media marketers need to make a more sincere effort toward return on investment, predictability, and profitability. Many marketers seem stuck in the past, worrying about abstract engagement, or even the relatively outdated pageviews metric. Simply Measured co-founder and CPO Adam Schoenfeld identified three barriers to success…

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  • If Measuring Pageviews is Dumb, Buying Them is Even Dumber

    … paid content distribution sold based on the time people spend with the content once they click? There’s some precedent here. The Financial Times recently started selling ads based on the amount of time readers spend with them in-view. “Are we honestly saying that there’s no difference to the brand between one second of exposure and five seconds…

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  • Data Vs. Creativity: The Content Marketer’s False Choice

    … you to determine how much time to devote to creating content for those groups. Really, Really Understand The Account Status Depending on who you talk to you, there are three or four phases of the buyer's journey. Translated into plain English, they are: When they don't know who you are When they're interested in learning who you are When…

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